Microsoft Surface

Modernise your environment

Microsoft Surface devices are built to be versatile and adapt to your needs, with all the modern software features to empower every user and organisation. Every Surface device comes equipped with Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Operating Systems, Skype and Office 365. With so many powerful tools at your fingertips, it’s time to escape the ordinary.

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Affordability with Microsoft Surface

Did you know that all PCs that are more than four years old can cost you more than you realise? Older devices are more likely to need repairs, which can result in 128 hours of lost productivity – a cost in terms of both time and money. We offer leasing and cap- ex options to suit you and your organisation; our flexible cost models are designed to fit your budgets and requirements. Connect with one of our experts today to find out more about the different options available when deploying Surface.

Unlocking more power and better performance

With bigger and better battery life for each device, users can experience a boost in productivity and less product down-time. All the tools hosted on a Surface device, such as Microsoft Teams, will result in more effective collaboration across every user and every business. And best of all, Microsoft offers devices that are light and versatile, meaning working away from a desk has never been easier

Make the shift

The deadline for Windows 7 End of Support is approaching, and your business needs to make the shift to modern Windows 10 devices.
XMA are best placed to help your organisation with your migration to a modern environment.

Our Windows 10 readiness assessment has been created specifically to help you apply a best practice approach and minimise any associated risks regardless of the size or scale of your organisation.

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