XMA Core Services

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Supply Chain as a service

Hassle-free, sustainable and efficient services tailored to your needs. Our Supply Chain & Fulfilment Services offerunbeatable support your pre-delivery and after-sales experience.

We can deliver the hardware you need to enhance employee experience, and we can provide IT solutions that improve the way your organisation operates and delivers outcomes for your customers.

“We drive constant innovation in our service capabilities ”

Chris Smith - Sales Director

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Straightforward to custom IT buying, offering tailored pricing to suit your specific requirements.

Financial Services

Alleviate financial strain and unlock hidden value from your assets with our flexible financing options.

Hardware Lifecycle Services

Gain peace of mind with our break-fix and secure asset retirement services.

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We partner with numerous vendors to offer our customers solutions designed to meet their needs.

Hardware and Software Configuration

Simplify your deployment process and save valuable time and effort with our hardware and software configuration services. Benefit from device configuration, asset tagging, testing, and seamless deployment for enhanced efficiency.

Customer Asset Portal

We simplify your business transactions with 30,000+ products, real-time inventory updates, secure ordering, and seamless integration with procurement and finance platforms. You can choose the site that suits you based on your needs, from straightforward IT purchasing for businesses and consumers, to bespoke purchasing with tailored pricing.

Asset Tracking

Accurate asset tracking provides real-time visibility into your inventory, ensuring informed decisions on asset maintenance, replacement and upgrades. This means you always have the right equipment available to meet your needs.

E-waste Disposal

Offering comprehensive services including collection, shredding, WEEE-compliant disposal, or upcycling for reuse. Gain peace of mind that you’re meeting your sustainability goals with compliant and regulated solutions

Appraisal and Remarketing

Meet sustainability needs whilst providing maximum value by ensuring your older devices are ready for market. We harness data insights, market trends, and comply with data regulations in order to secure the best prices on your older devices.

Acquisition and Storage

Access our purpose-built warehouse facilities
in Nottingham and Livingston. Reap the benefits
of expert inventory management, secure
storage, and the flexibility to scale based on
your requirements. We hold thousands of
items of stock and offer same-day
domestic delivery.

Imaging and Testing

We utilise both manual inspections and automated tools to conduct rigorous testing, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality products and services.

Installation and Moves

We prioritise sustainability with packaging
reduction, reuse, and recycling practices. From
initial stages to product tracking, we ensure
environmentally friendly handling of your IT
products. Our package tracking system provides
complete order visibility,
helping pre-empt and resolve potential delays.

Repair and Maintenance

Delivering a broad range of in-house and OEM-backed repair services for over 1.5 million customer devices. Certified repair facilities in Nottingham and Livingston provide flexible in-house and on-site services.

Uninstallation, Data Erasure and Refurbishment

Gain access to top-notch technology while making a sustainable choice that’s kinder to the environment. We ensure that all sensitive data is completely erased from the devices and complies with data privacy regulations. Rest assured that the refurbished equipment you receive is not only affordable and high-quality but also compliant with data privacy regulations.