Our Purpose and Approach

Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable healthcare professionals to evolve and transform the way they work. By understanding goals and expectations, we apply the right balance of compute, data centre and print technologies, to empower connectivity, mobility and security and collaboration across the whole of the private and public sector.


XMA in Healthcare

We’re passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience, and are trusted by some of the largest Public Sector organisations in the UK. With Government initiatives such as the NHS Infrastructure Maturity Model (NIMM) continuing to drive transformation across IT infrastructure, we align our knowledge and experience to deliver sustainable solutions which address the need for good governance.

As a long-term supplier to the NHS and an accredited supplier under the Crown Commercial Service, we recognise the potential to use technology to create efficiencies and improvements to patient care across all GP practices, CCGs, CSUs and local health economies. By combining our understanding of the NHS IT market, IT partner alliances and our national service and delivery model, we help organisations make the shift towards digitised healthcare.

Trusted by many public sector organisations and on over 25 public sector frameworks

Over 30 years experience working with public sector organisations

Award winning for our IT services into the Public Sector

We are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited and apply full ITIL processes throughout our operations

We have a growing footprint in the public sector, and have increased our total market share by 75%

Welcome to modern healthcare

Technology is transforming the healthcare industry. It is now possible to provide a better experience to your patients and practitioners by modernising your healthcare envrionment with modern technology. Sophisticated IT solutions allows staff and patients to remotely collaborate, provides a platform for research based tasks, and gives practitioners a deeper insight into their patients which results in more personalised care, and empowered healthcare teams.

  • Providing more personalised care

    As technology continues to evolve, patients and staff now have a higher expectation for healthcare organisations to provide more seamless, efficient and personalised care. IT allows practitioners to engage with their patients on a much more personal level., and practitioners can access patient records from anywhere, securely, with data encryption and LTE connectivity. XMA are the IT provider of choice for numerous healthcare organisations, and can help you on your journey to modern healthcare.

  • Empowering care teams

    You can now bring colleagues and specialists into conversations with patients using built in software programs that allows collaboration from any distance, without the need for booking in meetings or appointments. This means your care teams have less need to incur travel costs and can be more productive with their time. Not only can technology empower your care teams, but it can be proactively used as an efficient cost-saving measure.

    What we do

    Enabling the remote worker

    You can now bring colleagues and specialists into conversations with patients using built in software programs that allows collaboration from any distance, without the need for booking in meetings or appointments. This is a perfect and efficient solution for those that travel from patient to patient, such as social workers and community nurses. This means that they can stay in touch anywhere and any time, without worrying about connectivity and remote accessibility.


    Addressing and implementing cyber security measures

    Whilst having the appropriate defence in place to minimise risk from outside of your organisation is vital, it is just as important to make sure that you are protected from authorised users by ensuring they have the appropriate methods and levels of access to the resources they need day to day. All too often, users are provisioned with enhanced credentials and this is compounded by insufficient means of authentication being utilised. We can help you better understand how your organisation is potentially exposed to these core risks and help you implement a robust plan to address.

    Streamline your document management operations

    The way we work is changing. With a need to operate smarter and leaner, trends are shifting towards paper light operations, mobile working, multi-sourced applications and data hosting. By converging traditional desktop printers, scanners, outsourced print, document management and workflow, we begin to improve your document and endpoint security, optimise the document lifecycle and reduce consumable wastage, whilst saving you money at every point.

    Digitising paper processes

    Going paperless and digitising paper processes it as the top of many public sector organisations agenda. XMA work closely with you to enhance your sustainability objectives, and ensure you are saving paper waste by offering solutions that allow you to reduce the amount of paperwork you are printing. This can be achieved through an effective End User Compute strategy.

    Customer Success

    Helping GOSH move towards a paperless future

    Specialist children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street had been managing its patient care with traditional paper records, charts and care plans. In partnership with Apple, over 1,000 Apple devices were deployed across the trust, putting patient information in the hands of clinicians at the earliest opportunity.

    NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group needed to save money after its budgets were slashed

    Tight budgets in an organisation can put serious pressure on staff to find innovative ways to make savings. Addressing basics such as the supply of IT consumables is one way which can help relieve this burden. NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group has saved up to 20% on its IT consumables thanks to a customer-focused service from XMA.

    How to buy

    Public Sector framework accreditations

    We are an approved supplier to all major education purchasing frameworks to ensure maximum value from the procurement of IT products and services. We support public sector organisations in achieving cost efficiency without compromising the level of choice and compliance.

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