Our purpose and approach

Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable educators to evolve and transform the way they work. By understanding goals and expectations, we apply the right balance of compute, data centre and print technologies, to empower connectivity, mobility, security and collaboration across the whole of the public sector. Through our extensive experience and understanding of the edtech trends to shape education, we help provide educators with the tools to deliver enhanced learning experiences, address the increasing student expectation for flexible and differentiated learning provision and begin to save time for teaching staff.

Our approach to delivering against your IT vision is free from complication. We take a portfolio of products and solutions from the UK’s leading edtech specialists, and bolster with our own repertoire of experience and skills. Combined, we help aid student recruitment, improve student engagement and ensure user satisfaction across both the student and educator community.


XMA in Higher Education

When moving towards a  “smart campus” and introducing new virtual learning concepts, we take a consultative approach towards defining your ICT strategy, with your goals remaining at the forefront. We have helped Universities across the country to digitise their learning provision. Our team of experts work to understand your goals and objectives, so we can empower connectivity, mobility, security and collaboration across your school. We understand that staff confidence when using technology is vital to its success, which is why we also work closely with your University to deliver hands-on training, host planning workshops to agree on your project roadmap, and present you with affordable solutions that will allow you to reach your objectives.

Trusted supplier by some of the UK's largest Universities

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Welcome to the modern campus

The modern campus embraces technology in all aspects of learning, which typically incorporates connected devices, audiovisual tools and an efficient IT infrastructure to support the technology. Universities need to adapt to accommodate the rising expectation of students and teaching staff and bring technology into their learning environments.

  • Collaboration between learners and educators

    The modern campus embraces technology in all aspects of learning, which typically incorporates connected devices, audiovisual tools and an efficient IT infrastructure to support the technology. Universities need to adapt to accommodate the rising expectation of students and teaching staff and bring technology into their learning envrionments.

  • The potential for technology into Education

    Technology has now become a part of both student and educators every day lives, and the experience of University can be significantly improved if staff and students are provided the modern technology they need in order to deliver their full potential. A widespread use of technology can simplify and automate tasks and processes, as well as improve campus collaboration and access to information. By providing innovative and modern products with a reliable network, your University can attract and retain students and staff alike.

    What we do

    Educator and technical training

    Technology works best in education when strategically introduced by skilled, and confident staff. That’s why we offer hands-on training, mentoring and coaching tailored to your requirements so that your University can amplify the way you work and better facilitate learning in the workplace and classroom. We are certified training partners across multiple platforms and in education our in-house Apple Professional Learning Specialists, Google Certified Trainers and Microsoft Innovative Educator Masters, provide coaching and learning for senior leaders and teachers across Higher Education.

    Cloud first learning envrionments

    By operating in a Cloud environment you can reduce administration tasks, assessment processes become more effective and efficient, and your University can support teachers and educators in their communications with their students and the wider campus. We’ve built strategic relationships with a select number of partners to deliver Cloud Services that are able to bridge the gap between public and private cloud, enabling effective, hybrid deployments. It’s our aim to help create an agile computing environment that remains flexible enough to grow or change in the future.

    Mobile device management and deployment

    In order to save time and resource on your IT staff, XMA offer a simplified approach for managing a multitude of devices. With selected software already deployed across the devices, your IT department can automate updates, manage usability and set up restrictions, and fix any software issues from any location. Our range of technical experts are on-hand to support you after your deployment, and our IT Service desk is always available to help rectify any issues or threats to your systems.

    Ensuring digital safety and security

    XMA understand that online safety and data security is at the top of a University’s priority list when it comes to deploying technology in a learning environment, and information and cyber security are fundamentally about understanding and acknowledging risks and working through all avenues to appropriately reduce them. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that your University is able to use the technology in the safest way possible. We work with a number of safeguarding partners so that all solutions we present to you have options available for students to learn in a safe and controlled environment.

    Customer success

    XMA works with the University of Reading and Microsoft Surface to launch the new Behavioural and Experimental Social Sciences Laboratory.

    “Traditionally, social science labs tend to be in a room with computers to run the experiments, but we wanted to invest in an infrastructure that is flexible and allows social scientists across many different disciplines in the University to complete their research projects.” Prof Dominick Zaum, Pro Vice Chancellor for Research & Development, University of Reading

    Hitachi Data Systems Research-Data Storage Solution gets high marks from Lancaster University

    "Our new infrastructure holds even more capabilities which we’re still actively looking to exploit, particularly concerning unlocking research insights from the data we hold as an organisation" Dr. Matthew Storey, Systems Technical Coordinator, Lancaster University

    How to buy

    Framework accreditations

    We are an approved supplier to all major public sector buying frameworks to ensure maximum value from the purchase of IT products and services. We support public sector organisations in achieving cost efficiencies without compromising the level of choice and compliance.

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