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Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable educators to evolve and transform the way they work. By understanding goals and expectations, we apply the right balance of compute, data centre and print technologies, to empower connectivity, mobility, security and collaboration across the whole of the public sector.

Through our extensive experience and understanding of the edtech trends to shape education, we help provide educators with the tools to deliver enhanced learning experiences, address the increasing student expectation for flexible and differentiated learning provision and begin to save time for teaching staff.

Our approach to delivering against your IT vision is free from complication. We take a portfolio of products and solutions from the UK’s leading edtech specialists, and bolster with our own repertoire of experience and skills. Combined, we help aid student recruitment, improve student engagement and ensure user satisfaction across both the student and educator community

When moving towards a “smart campus” and introducing new virtual
learning concepts, we take a consultative approach towards defining
your ICT strategy, with your goals remaining at the forefront. We have helped Universities across the country to digitise theirclearning provision. Our team of experts work to understand your goals and objectives, so we can empower connectivity, mobility, security and collaboration across your school. We understand that staff confidence when using technology is vital to its success, which is why we also work closely with your university to deliver hands-on training, host planning workshops to agree on your project roadmap, and present you with affordable solutions that will allow you to reach your objectives.

“Our services for Higher and Further Education stand out because of our unwavering commitment to quality and consistency.”

Tarun Mayor, Head of Education Sales, XMA

Delivering eXtraordinary education solutions.

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How to buy

Public Sector framework

We are an approved supplier to all major public sector buying frameworks to ensure maximum value from the procurement of IT products and services. We support public sector organisations in achieving cost efficiency without compromising the level of choice and compliance.

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HE Hub is a compliant route to purchase for Higher Education institutions and provides an Ecommerce solution that is bespoke to match the complex needs of your organisation. We aim to provide a unique user experience that enables time and cost efficient procurement, allows you to rationalise your supplier base and streamlines associated administrative tasks.

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Why XMA?


We are a private, family run UK-based business.


Bespoke coaching and mentoring with educators

Public sector approved

We hold status on 30+ procurement frameworks. We are List X accredited, mandating us to maintain information classified as ‘Secret’ or higher.


We have served thousands of customers over 35+ years in business.


Dedicated ecommerce platforms designed specifically for education


We are a national award-winning IT reseller.