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Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable public sector organisations to evolve and transform the way they work. Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable public sector organisations to evolve and transform the way they work. By understanding goals and expectations, we apply the right balance of compute, data centre and print technologies, to empower connectivity, mobility and security and collaboration across the whole of the private and public sector. In close partnership with local authorities, we’re supporting their shift towards digital transformation and improved infrastructures which help them to better serve their communities.
We are an accredited supplier under the Crown Commercial Service. This means we are expertly placed to help deliver organisational resilience, availability and flexibility, meeting ‘cloud native’ ambitions, all whilst remaining in line with current spending cuts. As champions of digital change, we aim to increase efficiency and social mobility though the provision of sustainable, value enhancing services that produce tangible cost savings through framework-based IT procurement.

“By crafting strategic roadmaps, we ensure our Local Government customers moves forward at a pace that suits them today, tomorrow and beyond.”

Paul Harrison | Sales Director

Delivering eXtraordinary solutions.

Case Study

Helping fortify London Borough Council’s Active Directory

The Councils Active Directory had been poorly maintained over several years leading to an accumulation of redundant user accounts, active users, and a multitude of contradictory legacy Group Policy Objects (GPO’s).
The Council utilised XMA’s Active Directory (AD) Assessment Service to redesign, reorganise, and fortify a new build to address pervasive threats. XMA identified and recommended an optimised design with a complete revision of the GPO’s. This translated to a refined login execution with performance and security enhancements. The review included overviews of the DC setup, Sites and Services, DNS, authentication, and administration. The build was executed by our Professional Services team, who implemented the remediations to secure and optimise the Councils new AD infrastructure.

How to buy

Public Sector framework

We are an approved supplier to all public sector buying frameworks to ensure maximum value from the procurement of IT products and services. We support public sector organisations in achieving cost efficiency without compromising the level of choice and compliance.

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Why XMA?


We are a private, family run UK-based business.


An experienced team of Pre-sales, Solution Architects, Deployment Specialists, Technical and Support Engineers

Public sector approved

We hold status on 30+ procurement frameworks. We are List X accredited, mandating us to maintain information classified as ‘Secret’ or higher.


Over 30 years experience working with Public Sector organisations. Trusted relationships with Central Government Departments.


We can provide and tailor service solutions for any size project, while maintaining a personal experience for every customer.


We are a national award-winning IT reseller.

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