What does the modern workplace look like?

A Modern Workplace; this is now an employee’s expectation and a big necessity.
Today’s workforce have an expectation to be able to work anywhere at any time, and it’s more important than ever that organisation’s embrace and empower mobile working. Implementing a modern workplace is essential if your business wants to:

  • Attract and retain talent: 82% say that workplace technology has an influence when deciding whether or not to take a new job1
  • Embrace new workstyles: 50% of the workforce will be mobile by 2020. It’s imperative that your employees are not restricted on mobile working2
  • Inspire innovation: 72% of workers believe their future success depends on their ability to be creative3


We understand the challenges businesses now face when embracing the modern workplace.

For example, cyber-attacks are increasingly becoming more sophisticated… customer expectations outpace internal adaptations… and attracting the best talent in the market means becoming a digitally enabled leader in a saturated environment.

And with a minefield of technology available to businesses, how does an organisation select the best device that suits their needs and budget?
Microsoft devices offer a number of benefits that are suited for every organisation, no matter what industry you might operate in.

Here is a list of Microsoft features that we at XMA have implemented ourselves, and feel are a great platform for collaboration, reporting, and relationship building:


Hardware and software working in unity, just the way they were intended

XMA have started rolling out Microsoft Surface devices across our own business; the hardware and software are built in unity, making them easy to deploy and simpler to manage.

Our employees have agreed that their Surface device has allowed them to ‘increase productivity even on the most common tasks’… ‘more flexible working which has allowed us to embrace an “always online” approach’… and last but not least, they are proud to be seen with it! This has increased employee satisfaction and encouraged them to “use it all the time” because of the great device and M365 experience.


Microsoft Teams logo

We’re all working as a Team

XMA have recently embraced Microsoft Teams as our primary platform of communication. This is where we communicate from one department to another, can create specific channels to engage with select individuals, share files and relevant information which can be collaboratively edited within Teams, and instant message individuals both inside and outside of the organisation.

Microsoft Teams perfectly integrates with an O365 environment and can be used as the central area for all communications across a business.
It doesn’t just end there – Teams can be used for sales teams to engage with customers. Files can be instantly shared and edited, there is a ‘chat’ feature to encourage seamless conversations between employee and customer, and the Teams groups are by invite only, so you can invite in the people you want, and keep out those who you don’t!


Microsoft Office 365

We make the most of Microsoft 365

Our Surface devices allow us to work with the essential foundation and familiarity of Windows 10, the protection of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, and the Office 365 productivity apps which we all rely on every day. For example, OneDrive; with OneDrive syncing across devices, files are stored in the cloud. If someone accidentally leaves their beloved Surface device at home, they can now pick up any device, securely log in, and instantly pick up where they left off.


There’s a Surface device suitable for every department

Directors: Providing leadership across an organisation, no matter how big or small, comes with a number of challenges; overseeing the health of the business and wellbeing of customers… providing guidance and support across multi-functional teams… task and responsibility randomization… and being a positive reflection of the organisation’s brand.

The best device? A Surface Book 2 for Business. Directors can oversee the business by approving documents and providing feedback through Office collaboration features, perform complex analysis with confidence, and represent the company through Surface’s premium hardware and elegant design. This high powered and all-day battery life device has a detachable keyboard, which allows the user to stay on top of work and industry news, even when limited on space. Microsoft Surface Book 2 13-inch device
Creative design department: A company designer have their own challenges they face each day. For example, communicating with their colleagues and customers on design work… engaging in meetings both on-site and remotely… create modern designs for both the business and its customers… and collaborating on promotional plans.

The best device? The Surface Hub 2S together with pens can be used as a whiteboard to present new and exciting designs anywhere, with a remote stand and long battery life. It enables real-time document editing whilst working with a widely distributed team through the Teams application. The stunning wide screen shows each detail in crystal clarity and will never fail to impress in customer presentations.

Microsoft Surface Hub2S cart
Want to find out more about Microsoft Surface into Business?

Contact a member of our team today to discuss the modern workplace for your environment.


1 US Future-Ready Workforce Study, 2016
2 SectorWatch, MarketWatch, April 19, 2017
3 Steelcase, “The Future of Work is Creative, How Technology and Place Enhance Creative Behaviours”, 2017

modern workplace with Microsoft Surface