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SMART Workspace

Endpoint &
Identity-Centric Security

Experience Cutting-Edge Security: Safeguard devices and users, empowering confident, secure remote work environments

Applications & Desktops
Revolutionise Your Workspace: Anytime access to apps, files, and streamlined workflows for effortless user experience

Unified Communications
& Collaboration
Boost Collaboration & Engagement: Unify voice, video, chat, intranet, and more for streamlined teamwork and enhanced work experiences.


Private, Public
& Hybrid Cloud
Cloud on Your Terms: Private for exclusive access, Public for shared resources, and Hybrid, blending both for tailored solutions.

High Performance
& Edge Computing
Experience lightning-fast processing: Bring data processing power closer, enhancing efficiency and real-time decision-making.

PaaS & Serverless
Leverage Effortless Scalability and Flexibility: Develop, run, and manage applications without without managing infrastructure.

SMART Buildings

Workplace Experience
& IoT
Transform Your Workplace: Effortless merging of cutting-edge technology for a connected, efficient, and future-ready work environment.

Print & Workflow
Redefine Your Print Strategy: Streamlined, efficient print and workflow automation for enhanced workplace efficiency, security, and cost savings.

Enterprise Networks
& Edge Security
Secure, Efficient Buildings & Engaging Experiences: Adopt a digital-ready security model and optimise network performance for an elevated workplace experience.

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