Cyber Security

Strengthen your
cyber security posture to
sustain customer and
employee trust

The S (Secure) in SMART Solutions

“As a leading UK IT partner, we understand the ever evolving risk that cyber crime poses to the operations of UK organisations. To help mitigate this risk, XMA customers leverage our established industry relationships to enable the continued development of security strategy and navigation of a dynamic threat landscape. Be it the design, deployment, or support of bespoke security solutions, fully managed security services, or industry leading security consultancy, you’re in safe hands.”

Adam Little Security Lead XMA

Delivering eXtrordinary security solutions and services.

With customers and employees seeking out transparent
ways to experience sustainability today, you need to make these readily available. 

Our SMART solutions make your organisation’s commitment
to sustainability evident in everything you do. And so you don’t
have to compromise security, efficiency, or performance as
you focus on ESG success, our solutions meet SMART (Secure,
Manageable, Agile, Responsible, Technology) criteria.

Security Solutions

Protect your workforce and organisation from evolving cyber threats.

Security Services

Assess, test, and safeguard your digital landscape

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Our industry-leading partners provide best-in-class security.

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Change your day-to-day operations for the better with ESG goals that
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