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Craft your ideal infrastructure with HPE and XMA

The tech landscape is changing, and your infrastructure has to keep pace. It’s why the HPE and XMA partnership is designed to help you adapt to every change. With XMA’s expert guidance and HPE’s dynamic infrastructure solutions, you can transform your operations to overcome every challenge.

Explore the HPE opportunity

With HPE server, storage and networking, you can transform your infrastructure to meet your aspirations. Scale securely with cloud-based offerings, optimise architecture to achieve greater availability, and increase network flexibility and reliability.

Discover superior simplicity with HPE solutions


Is an intelligent platform with the flexibility of converged and the simplicity of HCI


  • Improve services, security, access, and more

    Driving the modernising changes your business needs, starts by looking at your infrastructure. Explore our ultimate guide to infrastructure transformation and uncover why the HPE and XMA partnership is the key to your success.

  • Unleash the possibilities of edge-to-cloud

    HPE GreenLake offers rapid time to value thanks to its cloud-based architecture, simplified IT, and comprehensive controls. It’s why companies using it can achieve a 147% return on investment. Discover the other benefits of flexible hybrid infrastructure in our HPE GreenLake guide.

  • Four steps to maximising data centre value

    The XMA and HPE partnership is your gateway to unleashing the power of your data. But, before you make an investment in a new data centre, what do you need to know? Explore our top infrastructure modernisation tips to see how we can help you start your transformation.

  • Take the pressure off with HPE Alletra

    As HPE Nimble approaches end of life, are you relishing the opportunity? HPE Alletra builds on the best of the HPE offering to deliver a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives. And upgrading with XMA couldn’t be simpler. Find out how in our whitepaper.

    Amplify infrastructure potential with XMA and HPE

    To drive a successful infrastructure transformation, you need an exceptional plan and technology to go with it. It’s why our expert team at XMA works to understand your goals and challenges. Once we know, we connect you to a perfect-fit solution from HPE’s broad portfolio of hardware and services.