The workforce has evolved; introducing the Cloud worker

The workforce has evolved; introducing the Cloud worker

Devices are now a crucial part of every day work, and employees need technologies that support their productivity – be it at their desk or away from their office. The world of enterprise technology is constantly evolving, propelling cultural and technological change in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Chrome Enterprise provides secure access to the data that your organisations needs to work more efficiently. IT can rest easy knowing that protections are built in and centralised management mitigates end-user vulnerabilities.

What are the benefits of Chrome Enterprise?

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Undisrupted access

Secure by design

As cyber-criminals continue to outsmart security efforts, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your enterprise end-to-end.
Secure by design, Chrome OS keeps your organisation’s data safe across every endpoint with multi-layered protection.
With regular controlled updates will also ensure that your enterprise is up to date with the most advanced security features.

Enterprise Applications

  • Securely access SaaS applications with the world’s leading enterprise browser
  • Managed Google Play: an enterprise app store curated by IT for users’ needs
  • ‘Better Together’ with G Suite
  • Access necessary native and Windows applications through virtualisation

Better ways of working

Devices can get up and running in under 10 sec, and out of standby in less.
Updates will also run automatically in the background and do not disrupt users, preventing loss of productivity and downtime.
Users can stay on task even when they’re offline and updates help introduce new features over time, maintaining device performance and keeping them up-to-date.

Affordability and smarter investments

Workers care about having state-of-the-art devices, and all the features it carries in order to get their job done. Chrome has both modern devices and enterprise applications that can drive workplace efficiency. It’s all more affordable than you may think; simplified and centralised management saves your business both money and resource. Automatic updates increase employees’ productivity without long waits or disruptions. Through targeted cost of ownership, you can reduce IT overheads and upgrade downtime. Chrome OS gets better and better over time.

Why XMA?

XMA have been a Google Cloud Partner since 2014, and have supplied over 110k Chrome Enterprise Licenses to customers. Our team of experts have delivered dedicated project services, with Google Accreditations to ensure a successful deployment. We hold strategic partnerships with all vendors with highest level of accreditations such as HP, Dell,Lenovo, Acer and Asus. XMA have the ability to work at scale and globally to deliver customer needs, and our connections with Google allow customer to connect with the right teams to run pilots and meet other customers deploying Chrome Enterprise. Contact our team today to discuss Chrome for Enterprise, and modernise your business today.