XMA and Samsung

It’s a world-leading innovator. We’re an award-winning VAR. And together, we’re here to help you supercharge productivity in your business. When you combine Samsung’s outstanding mobile and tablet technologies with our deep expertise, you’ve got everything you need to overcome your challenges and exceed your targets. It’s the perfect combination for any organisation – especially those in one of the following four sectors:





  • Break free from ordinary business phones

    Continued hybrid working demands smart, powerful, long-lasting mobile devices. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 don’t just turn heads, they’re packed with the best technology, for silky smooth, effortless communication and collaboration from anywhere.

    Find out more in our guide.

  • Rugged on the outside, smart on the inside

    When you work in tough conditions, you need devices that go beyond conventional expectations. Meet the new range of Samsung rugged devices – smart technology designed to thrive in harsh work environments. They’re your ultimate rugged work companions.

  • Safe and secure as standard, with Enterprise Edition

    The Enterprise Edition range of Galaxy devices brings the best of Samsung’s consumer technology to business, specifically repackaged to keep your workplace securely connected.

    See how it can bring you more choice, control, and support, and find the perfect combination for your business today.

  • Say hello to outstanding mobile security

    Protect your business with confidence. Samsung Knox offers the highest level of Android data security – so your devices are almost impossible to penetrate.

    Rated as the strongest protection available on the market by Gartner, Knox is accredited by 30 governments. It all adds up to ultimate peace of mind.

    Keeping businesses secure remotely

    Samsung Knox doesn’t just deliver defence-grade security. It makes it simple to enrol and manage devices. That means your IT department can save time, hassle and resources – while keeping your Android devices more secure than ever. Knox empowers you to:

  • Why Enterprise Edition?

    The best of Samsung. Packaged for your business. Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give you more – more choice, more control and more protection.

    More choice
    A range of industry-leading mobile devices to suit every seniority, need and budget.

    Greater control
    Protecting your business from threats is easier, as you get greater control over software and security updates.

    Increased reliability
    Ensuring device availability over a longer period, with three years of enhanced support. Plus, a next business-day replacement service* and KNOX build** to ensure your people are always connected, secure and productive.

    Improved simplicity
    Allowing you to configure, update, test and deploy mobile technology across your organisation easily and remotely – making it simpler to manage your mobile strategy.

    More value
    An integrated suite of mobile technology and services that are conveniently packaged together to give you more value from your mobile investment.

    * Doorstep exchange with Samsung gold stock.
    ** Inclusive KNOX base build by Samsung experts plus service packs to build further scope.

  • The next generation of productivity – 5G

    The Galaxy 5G series is packed with features to help your business thrive. With hyper fast 5G, you can work from anywhere on high-speed, low-latency connections – so no matter where your day takes you, you’re ready to achieve.

    Galaxy A32 5G + A52 5G
    On the next-generation mobile data network, the power of 5G changes the way you experience and share content – from super smooth streaming, to ultra fast sharing and downloading. Upgrade your business to the Galaxy A32 5G.

    Galaxy S21 5G + S21 Ultra 5G
    Getting work done on your smartphone is more important than ever before. That’s why the S21 5G and S21 Ultra 5G comes integrated with Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Teams – as well as an outstanding camera and connectivity options.

  • Maximum value bundles for the public sector

    Our range of perfectly matched Samsung Galaxy smartphones, workbooks, display monitors and Microsoft licenses aim to bring the utmost productivity to the public sector.

    Find the perfect combination with this guide to our Galaxy bundles.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra solution for the way policing works

    With our sector expertise, we know what works for policing. Check out our visual guide to the S22 Ultra on the beat to discover its mission-critical functionality today.

  • A Day in the Life of Samsung in schools

    Packed with power and made for multitasking, Samsung tablets are here to help students and teachers stay productive throughout each lesson. Download our visual guide to see how it fits in perfectly to the school day – from 9am to 3.30pm.

    To find out more about boosting productivity with Samsung technology, get in touch with one of our experts today:
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