Run Any Application at Any Scale

As a leading provider and pioneer of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) software, Nutanix help organisations modernise their data centres and run applications at any scale, on-premise and in the cloud.

Nutanix solutions are built on a complete, 100% software-defined stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to power any application, at any scale. Nutanix software and cloud services unify IT operations and bring frictionless application mobility across different cloud environments.

All Together Now

It's time to get your infrastructure, applications & clouds working all together now on one platform. Meet the cast of characters coming together as an unstoppable force in building your own enterprise cloud, and discover how you can do it all with Nutanix.

Partnership Overview - Why XMA?

  • Our approach to solving your business challenges through technology is underpinned by our experienced, certified solutions specialists working alongside you to deliver your desired outcomes. This, coupled with our strong partnerships with leading technology innovators, provides you with access to a single partner with the experience and expertise to advise and support you through your entire IT transformation journey.

    We work alongside you to truly recognise and understand your business, the experiences, challenges and events you’ve faced that drive the need for change. We discuss your goals and growth aspirations, and what transformational outcomes your organisation is looking to enable with technology.

  • Nutanix is an industry leading Enterprise cloud and HCI technology provider, which we believe is best in class. Their approach, thought leadership and extensive software portfolio are based on common themes – Invisible IT and choice.

    We have been working with Nutanix since 2015 and hold the highest level of partner accreditation, Cloud Champion. This is achieved by continued focus and also having our people from sales, solution architects and consultants trained and certified in all aspects of Nutanix technologies to assist our customers as a trusted partner.

  • Nutanix continually evolve and innovate and have a broad portfolio offering, beyond HCI covering all aspects of Hybrid cloud including VDI, databases, file & bbject storage services, disaster recovery, application automation & governance for the multi-cloud future.

    By striving to make all aspects of managing IT infrastructure so simple that it becomes invisible and enabling choice in hardware. Nutanix complements XMA’s approach of working with our customers to enable them to evolve and transform the way they work across all areas of technology from end user devices, through to data centre and cloud, invisibly.

    One Platform. Any App. Any Cloud.

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    Working with a Cloud Champion Partner

  • Achieving and maintaining the highest level of partner accreditation with Nutanix enables us to provide the highest levels of service to our customers.

    We are required to continually invest in our sales, architects and services staff to maintain our skills and knowledge enabling us to work with our customers providing independent advice, design and implementation capabilities. Additionally, a number of our people hold the Nutanix NCSX certification which is invitation only and is based on a presentation to a board of Nutanix employees.

  • We have dedicated resources aligned to XMA from Nutanix from partner management through to SE’s and have deep relationships across Nutanix including access to partner advisory boards and CTO round table events.

    As Nutanix continue to expand their offerings beyond HCI to support customer needs and requirements our specialists work closely with existing and new customers providing update sessions, virtual labs and proactive education.

    Migration to Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure enables university do more with less

    Faced with a budget shortfall to refresh servers and storage, Christ Church University was forced to get creative, but found that a hyperconverged solution did more than just solve its cost conundrum.

    Case Study
  • “We’re thrilled to have honoured XMA at Partner Xchange this year for their continued success with our customers”

    Christian Alvarez, Senior Vice President of Worldwide
    Channels, Nutanix.

    XMA were awarded as Nutanix’s Global Momentum Partner of the year 2020. XMA were recognised for continually delivering Nutanix solutions at the highest levels of service and achieving success with their customers.

    Experience & Expertise

  • Our focus extends beyond the technology to encompass the full suite of solution design, implementation, support and lifecycle services that are part of all successful IT projects. Whether you need to refresh your virtual server estate, deliver increased simplicity, agility and automation, reduce costs and complexity or would simply like to understand about the latest developments in HCI software defined datacentre technologies we can support you.

  • XMA have always been early adopters and advocates of new technologies that provide benefits to our customers. In 2015 we designed and delivered a large HCI Software Defined Datacentre infrastructure for a council based on Nutanix Technology.

    The solution, replacing a traditional three tier Server + SAN + Network infrastructure, delivered operational cost savings as well as greatly reducing physical space, heat and power requirements. The new Infrastructure is, self-healing and is highly automated allowing IT to deliver new services rapidly to the business and focus on strategic projects.

  • We have designed and delivered a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure platform for a leading energy services provider who had again servers and storage array delivering a virtual infrastructure. A Nutanix based platform has introduced simplicity to the environment through automation and management and also the ability to reduce costs both through HCI and also utilising the Nutanix Hypervisor, AHV which is included at no additional cost.

  • We have delivered a number of solutions based on Nutanix technologies across the UK Higher Education sector enabling Universities to meet the increasing demands put upon the IT departments by having a highly automated, scalable and flexible infrastructure that can deliver traditional virtual servers, modern container based applications and End User Computing platforms. As the options for where application workloads increases, a platform based on Nutanix provides choice. Choice in hardware, hypervisor and cloud ensuring that the infrastructure today will adapt to meet changing requirements in the future.

  • Services

    • Consultancy
    • Proof of concepts
    • Design
    • Test drive
    • Implementation and configuration
    • Migration
    • Assessment & health check
    • Managed support services
    • Remote monitoring
    • Training
    • Warehouse, configuration and logistics
    • Refresh – including Asset disposal/recycle
    • Contract consolidation
    • Capex and opex investment options