Deliver the best Apple
experience with Jamf

Introducing Jamf to your organisation

Today’s workers and students expect a lot from their technology. They want to access resources from anywhere, anytime. And they want to collaborate instantly. With Jamf, organisations can use its Apple Enterprise Management solution to connect, manage and protect Apple users, products and services – all without touching a single device. It’s the perfect choice for businesses who want to maximise their Apple initiatives.

Maximise Apple investments across businesses, hospitals and schools

Jamf empowers end users and brings the legendary Apple experience to businesses, schools and hospitals – all over the world. It helps protect business data, facilitate remote learning, improve the patient experience and so much more. Plus, it’s scalable. So it’s perfect for small businesses and large corporations.

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  • Manage Apple ecosystems with Jamf

    Give employees and students the tools they need to work more efficiently. Jamf helps IT professionals and the users they support by providing a single management interface for mobile, PC and other devices. By automating device management, it drives end-user productivity and creativity. It’s the device management gift that keeps on giving.

    What can XMA do for you?

    Whether you work in business, education or healthcare, we understand your specific needs and desires. We have all the expertise you need to uncover the impact you want to see. That means having strategic conversations before making any technology recommendations. What’s more, you can rely on us to guide you throughout your unique XMA journey with flexibility and honesty.