HP Compute

HP Computer

Powering productivity

From device, through to device security and management, HP makes everyday computing possible.


Devices that work the way you work

Designed perfectly for your everyday, mobile or performance driven computing tasks.

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HP Device as a Service

Reduce the complexity of purchasing with simple, flexible plans that put the latest technology in your hands.

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Device Security

Protect against sophisticated
security threats from the foundations of your PC.

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HP Sure Click

Protect from web-based attacks

Protect against malware and
ransomware accidentally downloaded through your internets browsing activity.

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HP Sure View

Restrict the field of vision

The worlds first integrated privacy screen in conjunction with 3M, to help prevent side-angle viewing from onlookers.

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More than just another PC

Give your students a professional experience with HP Z Workstations

HP Z Workstations are built for professional applications, designed for easy set-up and servicing, and sold at prices that make sense for educational budgets.

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