Professional accessories that make every minute count

There’s a German-engineered CHERRY accessory to suit every user in the most demanding environments.

With a rich history stretching back over 70 years, CHERRY has risen to become a pioneer in the computer hardware industry.

CHERRY’s portfolio of accessories has been carefully developed to suit the needs and ambitions of modern businesses. It’s the reason why its German-engineered products have become synonymous with quality, precision, comfort, and durability.

CHERRY at work


CHERRY accessories are designed to help educational institutions push for the best results. Whether in a remote or traditional classroom setting, CHERRY products empower learners and educators to go the distance with their high-quality, robust, and ergonomic design.

Hybrid office

No matter where work takes an employee, CHERRY’s accessories have them covered. From ergonomic mice to ultra-silent keyboards and silky-smooth mouse mats, CHERRY accessories enhance the working experience to boost productivity throughout the day.


When hygiene matters, CHERRY accessories from ACTIVE KEY are the answer. Its high-quality keyboards and mice provide optimal usability and performance while also incorporating silicone-membrane technology to meet the toughest hygiene standards in every healthcare setting.

CHERRY products

KC 1000SC

All the benefits of a classic CHERRY office keyboard with the robust security of a smartcard terminal.

• Smartcard reader
• Extended warranty
• Plastic-free packaging
• Security class 2 (secure PIN entry)
• Corded keyboard with silent keystrokes

Product code: JK-A0100

SmartTerminal ST-1144

Read and write your chipcards with CHERRY’s SmartTerminal to maintain data protection at every moment.

• USB 2.0
• Corded design
• Engineered in Germany
• Reliable smartcard reader
• Weighted base for single-hand use

Product code: ST-1144

KC 6000C for Mac

An ultra-flat, corded Mac-layout keyboard that puts an emphasis on ergonomics, style, and functionality.

• Silent keystroke
• USB-C connection
• Extended warranty
• Plastic-free packaging
• CHERRY Scissors (SX) technology
• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.13 and higher

Product code: JK-1620

KC 6000 Slim for Mac

A stunning Mac keyboard with a streamlined design, silent keystroke, and chiclet keyboard.

• Extended warranty
• USB 2.0. connection
• Plastic-free packaging
• CHERRY Scissors (SX) technology
• 12 frequently used Mac function shortcut keys

Product code: JK-1610

KW 9100 Slim for Mac

A superior-quality, wireless Mac keyboard that’s perfect for hybrid workers in every setting.

• AES128 encryption
• Plastic-free packaging
• Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
• Switch between Bluetooth® and 2.4GHz
• 13 frequently used Mac function shortcut keys

Product code: JK-9110


Whether you work in education, healthcare, or the corporate sector, XMA is here to help. Our leading team understands how and where technology is best placed to empower your organisation to succeed. By combining our expertise with the quality and performance of CHERRY’s accessories, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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