High Performance Computing

When processing diverse computing tasks, you need a device capable of handling the load. High Performance Computing (HPC), features specialist devices with enhanced computer power, delivering higher performance than traditional workstations and desktop PCs.

Handling complex and unstructured data, computer modelling, simulation and analysis requires a significant amount of processor and memory requirements which aren’t generally available within a standard PC or workstation.

HPC was designed to meet increasing demands for improved processing power and speed. It combines an array of computer architecture, algorithms and software to handle tasks covering fields as diverse as bioinformatics, finance, seismology, structural mechanics and climate.

Our HPC technologies are delivered using best-of-breed building blocks for compute, storage, management, software, infrastructure and interconnect. By fully understanding your usage requirements, we are able to build a personalised solution that removes sourcing complexities and integrates seamlessly into existing computing architecture.

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Why Choose XMA?

Personalised solutions

Solutions are built exactly to order in line with your usage requirements

Built on-site

All solutions are built on-site within our St Albans manufacturing facility

Monitoring and Management

Our monitoring and management services help you stay in control of your environment

Support on hand

Our support team are based in the same St Albans office as our consultants, design engineers and build team

Ready to go

All equipment is fully configured and tested in the deployed scenario before it’s shipped to site

Built on trust

Prestigious institutions such as the University of Cambridge, know that whatever level of support they need, we deliver a solution that fits

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Success In Action

"Introducing Viglen products to allow the university to maintain an enviable record in cutting edge computer-based research."

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"Delivering a platform that provided significant computing resource and a highly resilient storage platform."

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Chelmsford College during their redevelopment to deploy Viglen devices throughout their new media suite.

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