The secret to championing inclusive education

How to inspire every student, with iPad accessibility features

Every child should be able to experience the magic of education.

But to bring truly inclusive learning to their classrooms, teachers need access to the right tech. Tech that not only inspires their students but supports their individual needs too.

With a suite of powerful accessibility features, iPad is the perfect choice.

In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we wanted to celebrate the incredibly accessible iPad. So read on to explore some of the ways these adaptable devices can foster engaging learning for all.

iPad’s empowering accessibility features


Industry-leading screen reader VoiceOver lets students explore their iPad with ease, offering audible descriptions or braille output (when used with compatible braille devices), of what’s happening on their screens.


Magnifier, with innovative Split View mode helps students enhance classroom details while making the most of their screen space. Students can use their iPad’s camera to magnify physical objects on one side of their screen, while taking notes on the other.

Live Listen

Assistive listening from Live Listen can help students focus in busy classrooms by putting them in control of their iPad’s audio. With the feature switched on, simply moving the device closer to a speaker will allow the inbuilt microphone to amplify their voice, sending it straight to the student’s connected wireless headphones or Made for iPhone hearing devices.


FaceTime can empower students that use sign language, providing them with a communication platform that uses high-quality video capable of capturing gestural nuances and changes in expression.

Voice Control

Voice Control allows students to interact with their apps on iPadOS using just their voice. By controlling their device with simple vocal commands, students can get streamlined access to their iPad’s features, helping them engage with lessons efficiently.

Switch Control

Switch Control allows students to use adaptive devices like joysticks or trackpads to navigate content and control their screens. And, with Sound Actions for Switch Control, they can also use clicks, pops and “ee” sounds to engage with their devices – helping them use their technology in a way that works for them.

Safari Reader

The online experience can be overwhelming. Safari Reader can help, by cutting down on superfluous buttons, ads, and navigation bars – meaning students can concentrate on the content, without distractions.

Speak Screen

Speak Screen can read the contents of a student’s screen aloud, helping to aid comprehension for those who find reading easier with accompanying audio. Speak Screen supports text from a variety of sources, including web pages, emails, and books.

Inclusive education, powered by iPad

Promoting inclusive learning with iPad is easy. Their intuitive OS makes them simple for students and staff to master, and with an affordable price point, they’re the perfect antidote to stretched IT budgets too.

Are you interested in learning more about how iPad can open up the world of education? There’s lots to explore. Visit our Apple accessibility page for more information.