It’s a marketer’s life – why XMA should be the next stop on your career path

Why do I love marketing? That’s easy…because it’s creative, strategic and it makes a difference. It helps us create awareness, build a presence, nurture relationships, sell products and ultimately grows the business.

I knew by the end of my A-levels that marketing was my destiny and 15 years on, it continues to intrigue, excite and motivate me. But taking those first few steps on that challenging career ladder, can be daunting. Overcome by questioning doubt, wishing you had a crystal ball to tell you which direction you should guide your career – yep, I remember it well.

I was fortunate that 8 years ago, a door opened to me – and it had the name “XMA” above it. I walked straight through it and on to a very exciting new career path – one that you could be on too.

So we’re recruiting into our amazing marketing team but why should you consider joining us? Here’s 4 simple reasons.

  1. Opportunities to progress

    Cliché right? Every business says it but would I really be here 8 years on if I didn’t believe it to be true?! One of our core company values states that we are “powered by our people”. We encourage promotion from within and invest heavily in learning and development and as a result, have established a long serving team enjoying a rewarding career.

  2. Work with the world’s largest technology brands

    You only have to take a glimpse at our website and social media to get the idea. We are in the privileged position where we not only get to work alongside some of the world’s largest tech brands such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, but we get to market them too!

  3. Become part of a team

    It really is a family affair. We all do our bit to muck in and make good things happen. We are diverse bunch, with a varied range of skills and experiences which contribute to our success in developing innovative marketing campaigns.

  4. Show off your marketing flare

    We encourage lateral thinking and creativity. We won’t put the reins on if we believe it can make a difference and believe strongly in showcasing and rewarding our hard work. We openly welcome new ideas and a fresh approach and want our people to feel they can be expressive in the way they work.

XMA could be your next place to work so if you fancy the challenge, visit our careers page and apply!

Charlotte Hughes
Marketing Manager