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CPC Case Study
Monmouthshire County Council Case Study
Harrow College Case Study
CPC - Electrical Distributor

CPC made a staggering 23% saving on the total print cost of ownership thanks to a Managed Print Solution from XMA.

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Monmouthshire County Council

Thanks to XMA, Monmouthshire CC will save around £30,000 over the next three years.

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Harrow College

Harrow College has its printing needs all mapped out thanks to a five-year fully Managed Print Solution from XMA.

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City College Norwich Case Study
NHS Greenwich Case Study
Home Office Case Study
City College Norwich

XMA delivers better printing at a reduced cost for City College Norwich with eco-friendly Kyocera printers.

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NHS Greenwich

NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group has saved up to 20% on its IT consumables thanks to a customer-focused service from IT provider XMA.

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Home Office

The Government Office Supplies Contract (GOSC) provides £650,000 savings for the Home Office.

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Skegness Academy
Skegness Academy can now effectively create high-definition scans of their students' artwork.

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Wakefield Girls' High School

New scanners have allowed art students to build high quality digital portfolios.

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University of Warwick

XMA have helped to reduce print cost for the University of Warwick by £180,000.

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HMP Belmarsh case study
Lancaster University Case Study
H.M. Prison Belmarsh
XMA collaborated with Belmarsh to reduce costs, provide sustainable employment and reduce landfill through the Ink2Work scheme.
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Leicester College
Leicester College serves over 20,000 learners and in 2016 was rated fifth nationally for college student satisfaction in the National Student Survey.
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Infrastructure Case Studies
Nottingham Emmanuel School case study
Corby Technical School case study
Nottingham Emmanuel School

Empowering a dynamic school with quicker, safer and more stable IT.

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Corby Technical School

Equipping a pioneering new technical school with professional-standard IT.

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Lincoln Minster School Case Study
Newham Council Case Study
Barnsley Academy Case Study
Lincoln Minster School

XMA's technical expertise has proved invaluable for helping Lincoln Minster School install a SAN and carry out a server virtualisation project which has given staff and students a much improved service.

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Newham Council

Newham Council partner with XMA to provide the perfect solution to ensure the effective management of the existing server infrastructure and end user devices.

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Barnsley Academy

XMA's technical knowledge has helped Barnsley Academy successfully refresh and transform its server infrastructure so it can better support the IT requirements of its 1,000 students and staff.

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Harrow School case study
Queen Mary University of London Case Study
Harrow School

Our technical expertise has allowed all learners to have 24/7 access to the very latest engaging educational resources by providing leading edge hardware, network and software combined with the highest levels of service since 1996.

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Conwy Borough Council

Through a consolidated storage solution for multiple sites across the borough, a significant reduction in management and backup issues with easier connectivity was achieved.

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Queen Mary University of London

We are a preferred supplier of PC systems to the University of London. In an initial agreement worth over £150,000.

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City College Manchester case study
Atrium School Case Study
City College Manchester

In order to provide 24/7 access to essential materials and services online, the college needed a data storage and protection system to support this.

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National Library of Scotland 

The solution that Viglen Storage Group delivered to the NLS enables centralised storage of data and fast replication to ensure data integrity.

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Atrium Studio School 

XMA won Atrium’s contract through an extensively detailed design, supply, delivery, install, testing and commissioning of the entire ICT infrastructure.

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Atrium School Case Study
XP School Trust 

We are now helping educational establishments, such as the outstanding (Ofsted 2017 – outstanding in all categories) XP East School in Doncaster, save money...

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Dorothy Goodman

An outstanding (Ofsted 2016) Special School awarded the contract for ICT infrastructure design, installation, testing, commissioning and ongoing support.

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Device Case Studies
Southbourne Junior School Case Study
Imberhorne School Case Study
Plymouth University
Southbourne Junior School

Southbourne Junior School partnered with XMA to deliver an interactive learning environment for all of their learning by introducing over 140 Chromebook into the classroom for use throughout the whole curriculum.

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Imberhorne School

A successful wireless network upgrade has provided a cost effective yet scalable platform for the demands of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture and helped the IT department cope with increased bandwidth requirements.

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Plymouth University

In the UK’s biggest higher education IT refresh project to date, Plymouth University adopted a ‘big bang’ approach to replacing its entire fleet of 6,000 devices - choosing ICT manufacturer Viglen and partner Toshiba to carry out the £3.9m contract.

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Ormiston Denes Academy case study
Front Lawn Academy Case Study
Bosworth Academy
Ormiston Denes Academy

Ormiston Denes Academy are using Google Apps for Education as the backbone for a new way of learning, using a combination of technologies to improve the flow of communication.

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Front Lawn Academy

Hear from students and teachers at Front Lawn on how Chromebooks, Google Docs and personalised learning programmes have transformed collaborative working, behaviour and results.

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Bosworth Academy

XMA helped Bosworth Academy to implement one-to-one iPad deployment in the classroom through the allLearn with iPad programme, which has helped to transform the way that teachers teach and students learn.

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Gloucestershire NHS Case Study
Alperton School Case Study
De Montfort University Case Study
Gloucestershire NHS

Hospital and community care services around the country are increasingly seeing the benefit of using mobile computing technology to improve patient care and make the best of their limited resources. 

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Alperton School

Almost all of the computers in use at Alperton today have been provided by us, which has been the school’s primary supplier of IT systems and service for more than 12 years.

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De Montfort University

With 4000 PCs and 150 servers, De Montfort University boasts first class IT access. IT plays a vital role in University life and students’ IT needs are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A resilient IT environment is therefore paramount.

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Gracemount High School Case Study
Guernsey Schools
Sciennes School Case Study
Gracemount High School

Find out how our allLearn with iPad scheme has aided learning for Gracemount's pupils.

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Guernsey Schools

Working with XMA, Guernsey schools trialled a number of devices before selecting the HP Chromebook as a key mobile platform.

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Sciennes School

Students and teachers of Sciennes School in Edinburgh discuss how iPad has had a positive influence over learning outcomes and significantly improved student engagement in and outside of the classroom.

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