What do you need to consider for Windows 7 end of support?

Episode 1
July 2019 | Duration 14:15

For our first XMA Plug-in podcast, we will be taking a closer look at Windows 7 end of support – one of the biggest IT focus points across both the private and public sector, whereby any devices still operating on Windows 7 should no longer be considered safe from cyber-attacks.

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The Modern Worker: What does this mean for businesses?

Episode 2
August 2019 | Duration 09:43

The digital workplace embraces new work styles, inspires innovation and attracts and retains top talent in your industry. The tech industry has opened up a new world of jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago – an exciting prospect for the next generation of workers! We take a closer look at this in our latest podcast.

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What does the Modern Classroom look like today?

Episode 3 

October 2019 | Duration 12:45

What do schools need to consider for their teaching and learning environments, now we have entered a new academic year? We will be taking a closer look at the concept of the Modern Classroom and the impact it can have in todays education system.

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A scary reality: The impact of Cyber Threats on organisations

Episode 4 

November 2019 | Duration 19:00

Cyber security threats are growing in numbers and sophistication, so it is more important than ever that organisations consider how to protect their businesses and end users. In this podcast, we will be taking a closer look at the current threat level, the impacts of this and how to combat these.

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A look back in time: The biggest IT trends of 2019

Episode 5

December 2019 | Duration 28:58

Join us to look back through 2019, where we will be discussing the biggest trends to have stormed the IT industry. Joined by Ian Cunningham, Sales & Marketing Director at XMA, host Gina Vaccarella discusses how these trends have impacted the world of IT and the end user. Also looking ahead to 2020, we review what we might expect to see, in the year to come.

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IT as a Service: The result of consumers expecting more

Episode 6

January 2020 | Duration 22:50

In Episode 6 of XMA Plug-in, we will be discussing IT as a Service and how it has been driven by consumer expectations and the effect of the transition from Windows 7 to 10. Joined by Ryan Walker, Services Manager at HP & host Barnaby Morton-Woodruff discuss how the lifecycle of a device has become more prevalent in the industry.

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