Owl Labs

The future of hybrid conferencing is here

Today’s workplace means remote collaboration, combined in-person and digital experiences, and working from anywhere. Hybrid working gives everyone the chance to thrive and create new opportunities wherever they are.

Owl Labs has developed the most revolutionary collaboration technology in the world, turning open-floor plans into open-world plans.

  • Meeting Owl 3: the smartest video conferencing

    Discover the hybrid collaboration tool that takes any meeting and makes it immersive. Meeting Owl 3 is an all-in-one device, utilising an AI-powered, 360-degree camera, microphone and three speakers.

    Placed at the centre of the room, Meeting Owl’s camera gives a panoramic view of all participants and creates a split-screen view focusing on whoever’s speaking. As the conversation begins, Meeting Owl switches the focus on screen, so those not in the room are a part of everything that’s going on.

    Making smart conferencing smarter

    Making smart conferencing smarter Owl Labs is the smartest hybrid collaboration tool available – and it’s getting smarter all the time. Here’s what you can get with Meeting Owl 3.

  • Meeting Owl 3 Hub

    The Meeting Owl 3 hub comprises:

    • Custom 360-degree fish-eye camera
    • Eight omni-directional smart mics
    • Multiple connectivity, including USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Compatibility with all major conferencing platforms

    The mics are as smart as the 1080p high-definition camera, with beam-focusing technology and auto-equalisation for quieter participants.

    Owl Intelligent System software

    Behind the unique functionality of Meeting Owl 3 is the proprietary Owl Intelligent System AI software:

    • Automatic upgrades (when connected to Wi-Fi)
    • Wireless sync for all Owl Lab devices
    • Modulates speaker volume
    • Allows for expansion for larger spaces

  • Expansion mic

    For longer tables or socially distanced seating, the Owl Labs expansion mic extends audio pick-up to make sure everyone can be heard clearly:

    • Extends Owl hub pick-up range to 26 feet
    • Mute button
    • Two-way micro-HDMI cable
    • Mounting bracket and adhesive strips for secure fitting

  • Whiteboard Owl

    The Whiteboard Owl is a dedicated whiteboard camera that pairs with the Meeting Owl to give remote participants a clear view of the meeting whiteboard:

    • ‘See-through’ obstacle technology
    • Automatic resizing image
    • Adjustable ceiling mount (optional)
    • Virtual whiteboard set-up

    There’s also a range of Owl Lab accessories, such as tripods, carry bags and flight cases.

  • Immersive coverage for every space

    A single Meeting Owl 3 hub will easily cater for the average meeting room, providing crystal clear connections across 18 feet for audio and ten feet for video.

    Larger rooms can use the expansion mic to increase the audio pick-up range to over 24 feet. For even bigger spaces, utilise two Meeting Owl 3s for a video range of around 30 feet and audio for over 40 feet.

    Two Meeting Owls automatically sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and function as one with a full panoramic view and focus on the speakers.

  • The collaboration tool for everyone

    Meeting Owl 3 hybrid conferencing tool is now being used in all major sectors: business, healthcare, education, legal and public sector. Wherever there’s a need for remote collaboration, Meeting Owl will enhance the experience, immersing participants in the issues of the meeting, not problems with the tech.

    Why XMA and Owl Labs?

    Whichever sector you work in today, remote connectivity and collaboration are vital. XMA is always looking to find the best solutions in the modern workplace and that’s why we’re working with Owl Labs to bring you this revolutionary new technology. Together, XMA and Owl Labs can bring your hybrid working to life.

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