Juniper Networks
Intelligence and Clarity

Juniper Networks develops unique products designed to keep networks running at lightning speed. Its innovative solutions and AI-driven capabilities provide comprehensive diagnostics, analysis, and troubleshooting.

From automating mechanical and software functions to reducing costs and boosting efficiency, Juniper’s products are a game-changer for IT teams.

With Juniper, you gain full visibility into your network, enabling you to identify and address potential issues before they become critical. It’s like having a crystal ball for network infrastructure.

  • The ultimate network assistant

    Meet Marvis, the virtual network assistant (VNA) central to Juniper’s intelligent network. Marvis VNA learns as it works, predicting problems and offering actionable advice or automatically fixing them.

    Location, location, location

    Reliable, secure and scalable location solutions have grown from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have’ options in just about every industry vertical. The need for time-saving IT management and improved user experiences are at the core of any business’s or institution’s plans to modernise. Juniper’s AI-driven offerings are transforming industry and business outcomes by converging Wi-Fi connectivity with its patented virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE) technologies to bring about highly accurate location services with scalability, resiliency and flexibility.

  • Juniper for healthcare

    Transform the hospital network into an integrated environment that can protect and locate patients and hospital assets, while helping staff to deliver ever better care.

  • The Juniper university

    Rationalise the campus with AI-supported data to help with timetabling, room allocation, attendance statistics and even energy saving in unused rooms with intelligent monitoring.

  • A network to trust

    Juniper was one of the first networking vendors to utilise the cloud and AIOps to make Wi-Fi networks more predictable, reliable and measurable. Juniper is the ideal choice for enterprises looking to deliver wired, Wi-Fi, IoT and indoor location as a single, integrated infrastructure.

    XMA and Juniper: a perfect partnership

    XMA has long worked with leading network vendors to bring the very best bespoke solutions for its partners. Systems are designed and built collaboratively with the client to create innovative, productive and secure networks.

    This is why XMA is working with the transformative, forward-looking technologies of Juniper Networks.