Build a smarter network

When you need secure, always-on WiFi, there is no compromise. Aruba provides secure, reliable, wireless and wired networks, allowing you to engage customers and boost employee productivity.

Your network is your most valuable asset – make it work for you.

Aruba can help you break down barriers to transform the employee experience and improve efficiency, innovation and growth.


A Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Wireless Network

Aruba access points feature fast set-up, enterprise grade security, a built-in management dashboard and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds – all in one affordable package.

Wired Network

Aruba provides a convenient and cost-effective access switching solutions that sets up quickly with ZeroTouch Deployment to deliver right-size network access and performance for your mobile workers.

Build an efficient mobile workforce

Support the growing number of mobile devices and cloud-based applications by ensuring your network is flexible.

Improve productivity

36% faster at high density

Drive down costs

Flexible WiFi architecture that evolves as your business grows

Keep up and running

100% site survivability

All set to transform your network?

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