Ergonomic solutions to ensure employees feel and work at their best

Ergotron is a global leader in designing ergonomic solutions that connect people and technology to improve performance and increase comfort.

Using the Technology of Movement™, Ergotron builds products and custom solutions to help workers enjoy a new sense of energy in healthcare, education, industrial, manufacturing and hybrid office environments, both at home and on-site.

  • Deploy ergonomic solutions to retain staff

    Growing numbers of workers in all industries are leaving their jobs due to burnout or unhappiness. As an example, 92% of NHS Trusts are concerned about staff wellbeing. Ergonomically designed systems, that are adjustable to each person’s unique needs, can help you retain staff and attract new recruits.

  • Prevent musculoskeletal issues

    Solutions from Ergotron will help your workforce to avoid being in uncomfortable positions that can lead to musculoskeletal problems. The result? Employee morale increases and absenteeism due to illness is reduced, meaning productivity is maximised. Plus, if you deploy ergonomic solutions in the office, any negative connotations around hot-desking are dispelled and most people will be less reluctant to come back into the office.

  • Better for business

    As well as improving performance and increasing comfort for your workforce, Ergotron’s solutions deliver a further range of business benefits. For starters, you will have the flexibility to provide constant access to IT, wherever and whenever it is required. Ergotron’s high-end solutions are a long-term investment. Products are rigorously tested to ensure longevity, so they will evolve with your technology. As well as being future-proof, solutions are designed to be easy to install, and easy to use without the need for tools.

    Monitor mounts

    With Ergotron’s wide range of desk, wall, multiple monitor and TV mounts, your employees’ wellbeing is within arm’s reach. Ergonomic monitor mounts use Constant Force™ technology for easy movement. Unsurpassed load and cycle testing ensures long-lasting durability.

    Sit-stand desk convertors

    Transform a sedentary work environment into one with movement. Flexible furniture such as Ergotron’s sit-stand desks bring a wealth of feel-good benefits through improved ergonomics. To ensure products work trouble free for the long term, Ergotron performs rigorous motion tests to prove their design.

    Charging systems

    Ergotron has a broad selection of charging carts, wall mounts and cabinets to suit all mobile devices including iPad, Chromebook, tablets, laptops and more. XMA advisors will help you find the perfect solution to fit your space and workflow requirements.

    Wall workstations

    With a complete computer workstation that adjusts to how you work best, you can promote healthy computing across the organisation. Ergotron incorporates ergonomic principles based on scientific anthropometric data, allowing computer workstations to accommodate 95% of the population.

    Mobile desks

    From medical carts to computer carts, audio-visual and TV carts, and mobile desks, our range of ergonomically designed and highly mobile carts lets you move with your work, wherever that may be, with carts specifically designed for laptops, computers or tablets.

  • Constant Force Technology™

    This exclusive patented technology is an innovation unique to Ergotron that was never previously attainable from any company, at any cost. It allows you to easily position a monitor, TV, keyboard or even an entire workstation exactly where you want it. No matter which way you lift, tilt or turn, the effort remains small with a uniform force applied throughout the range of motion. Constant Force products can handle a wide range of weights.

  • Try before you buy

    Qualifying customers are eligible to receive a complimentary display mount, cart or workstation – to keep, free of charge. Why? Ergotron believe the best way to understand the usefulness of their products is for customers to put them to work in their own environments.

    Learn about Ergotron’s complimentary products in our guide below.

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    Why XMA and Ergotron?

    XMA is a solutions provider that proactively helps private and public sector companies improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Through strategic consultancy, and outcomes-based solutions, we create a positive and lasting impact on everyone’s individual world. We are proud to partner with Ergotron, expertly delivering their ergonomic solutions to improve the way people work and increase wellbeing in the workplace.

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