High-end audio for everyone

Master the meeting room with EPOS solutions

From state-of-the-art video conferencing to exceptionally clear conference speakers and microphones, EPOS has built a portfolio of cutting-edge devices, designed to make meetings better than ever.

Through seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, advanced beamforming microphones and even voice assistant integration, solutions like EXPAND Vision 3T and EXPAND Capture 5 could transform the way you work.

EXPAND Capture 5

EXPAND Vision 3T

  • Connecting the public sector

    In today’s public sector, clear communication is vital for connecting dispersed colleagues and supporting the citizen experience. In our guide, see how EPOS delivers the future-proof audio solutions the modern public sector needs for the wellbeing of the public and employees.

  • Streamline Learning, Empower Potential

    In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, fostering an engaging and productive learning environment is key. EPOS and XMA work hand-in-hand to empower educators and students with the tools they need to not only succeed, but flourish – both within the classroom walls and beyond.

  • Stronger teams start with clear communication.

    With the IMPACT 700 and 800 series from EPOS, empower your people with technology that understands them.
    The IMPACT 700 and 800 series from EPOS, powered by groundbreaking BrainAdapt™ technology, optimise incoming audio for the way your brain works. Experience reduced listening fatigue, improved focus, and enhanced memory recall, allowing your team to work with greater productivity and comfort, wherever you

  • EPOS BrainAdapt™

    BrainAdapt™ technology gives the brain what it needs for best-in-class meeting experiences across EPOS solutions for individual and group workspaces. Find out more in our guide.

  • In business, clear sound is critical

    By delivering innovative voice-enhancing and noise-cancelling technologies, EPOS is giving businesses just like yours the ability to hear, and be heard, with utmost clarity.

  • From the office to the gaming room, EPOS audio accessories are known for their uncompromising quality.

    EPOS employs the most advanced audio technologies to create powerful, reliable and easy-to-use audio devices, covering headsets, meeting room solutions and video conferencing tools.

  • Make meetings matter more

    Did you know that tens of billions of hours are wasted every year on unproductive and delayed meetings? Make sure your business delivers better meetings, one that’ll not only prevent frustration, but save you time and money.

    This is what EPOS aims to deliver. Its cutting-edge meeting room solutions can do more for business than you might think. See some of the benefits for yourself by downloading our infographic below.

    XMA Pattern

    Video conferencing

    Hybrid working demands technology that rings people together. EPOS delivers a new standard in video collaboration.


    For those who need to impress on calls, there’s no looking past EPOS headsets, providing the perfect balance of excellent audio and comfort.

    Meeting room solutions

    Access EPOS’ range of plug-and-play conferencing solutions that boast unrivalled clarity and ease-of-use.

  • XMA is here to deliver your audio needs

    Whatever your organisation looks like, it’s your specific challenges and aspirations that make you different. That’s why, when you’re looking for clarity, you need an audio solution provider that starts by asking the right questions.

    EPOS products lead the way in enterprise audio. If you think these solutions could be right for you but aren’t quite sure which devices and accessories will work best in your organisation, start by contacting XMA. Achieving clarity in business calls begins by picking up the phone.

  • Available for your business EPOS ADAPT 660 AMC

    An incredible headset just became a bit more special. The EPOS ADAPT 660 AMC celebrates EPOS’ partnership with the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team. Coming in Aston Martin Racing Green, and featuring some of the smartest communication features on the market, this headset is ideal for even the loudest working environment.

  • Drive collaboration across education with EPOS

    From saving time in stretched schedules, to creating clarity for remote learners, EPOS devices can do a lot for education. Explore how the EXPAND line could increase collaboration in your institution in our in-depth guide.

  • The EPOS IMPACT 1000 series
    Crafted for clear conversations

    The EPOS IMPACT 1000 series can create the distraction-free conversations your teams need to succeed. Designed to enhance communication in busy offices and hybrid workspaces, this range of comfortable, intuitive headsets can help keep teams connected and end-users engaged. Find out more in our guide.