Deliver an intelligent, automated and secure network

The network is the backbone of your organisation, without it your users and your systems will be unable to communicate threatening your entire operation.

Traditionally, network deployment and management has been a resource intensive task that relies on expensive technical resources, dedicated systems and frequent manual intervention just to maintain the network in it’s current state. Securing your network and keeping it, your users and your data secure is also a challenge, especially with these traditional approaches. An automated and secure network allows IT departments to focus on and work with the business to assist in delivering strategic business outcomes.

Read on to find out about software defined networking and how it can help you to transform your network.

Software defined networking

Organisations are evolving at a rapid rate and are adapting and transforming with the evolution of digital services and consumption of data. IT is critical enabler of this development and technology is key to achieving this. While the concept of software defined has been around for some time in the datacentre, it has only recently reached a state of maturity and simplicity that allows the benefits of intelligent, automated and secure services, by design to be extended from the datacentre to the edge. Software defined networks transform how services are deployed and managed, allowing organisations to do more with less, be more agile, reduce risk, improve user experience and make informed business decisions.


Plug and play style deployment


Rapidly and seamlessly respond to change and scale as required


End to end security from end user to data


Automated identification and remediation of threats


Data-driven automated decision making

Cisco Automation

Automating repetitive administration tasks like provisioning and configuration

  • Our approach

    At XMA, we get networking and have the track record to prove it. Our approach is based on a deep understanding and analysis of the current technology landscape and what we independently believe is the best solution for our customers. Coupled with our strong partnerships with leading technology companies, this approach gives you access to a single partner with the experience and expertise to advise and support you through  your network transformation journey.

    Who are Cisco?

    As a leading global manufacturer, Cisco technology is creating a world of potential, and helping customers work smarter than ever before. Cisco provides intent-based networking, which is transforming the way your business connects with technology. Through modern and intuitive ways Cisco changes how teams collaborate, and puts security at the forefront of their solutions. Cisco networking really allows your business to understand the difference between being on, and always being on.

  • Our view on why you should choose Cisco

    Cisco is the industry leading networking technology provider which we believe is best in class. Their innovative approach, thought leadership and extensive product portfolio extends far beyond networking to incorporate security, datacentre, IOT, mobility and collaboration technologies and can deliver all requirements across all industries and sectors.

    Cisco Digital Network Architecture

    An open, software-driven platform that integrates critical innovations in networking software, such as virtualisation, automation, analytics, and cloud into one architecture.

    Cisco SD-Access

    Provide business agility and scale by automating one policy across the entire access network.

    Cisco SD-WAN

    Securely connect any user, any application, anywhere, with the power of the cloud.

    Cisco ACI

    Cisco ACI Anywhere, the industry-leading SDN solution, facilitates application agility and data centre automation.

    Cisco Meraki

    Cisco Meraki, the industry leader in cloud-managed IT, creates the simplest, most powerful solutions helping everyone from small businesses to global enterprises save time and money.

    Enterprise Network Security

    The convergence of security and networking enables organizations to leverage the intelligence and visibility the network provides to make more informed decisions on policy and threats.

  • XMA: A Cisco Premier Partner

    For over 10 years we have worked strategically in partnership with Cisco to help organisations transform their networks. This experience coupled the extensive technical capability and thought leadership our people provide means that when you work with XMA and Cisco you can be sure you are in safe hands.

  • Secure Access by Cisco Duo

    Secure students and staff with powerful multi-factor authentication (MFA) and advanced endpoint visibility.

    Establish user trust
    Verify the identity of all users before granting access to corporate applications and resources.

    Gain visibility into devices
    Get detailed insight into every type of device accessing your applications, across every platform.

    Establish device trust
    Check the security posture and verify trust of all devices–faculty and personally owned–accessing your applications.

    Enable secure access to all apps
    Give your users a secure and consistent login experience to on-premises and cloud applications.

  • Cisco Umbrella: Flexible, fast, and effective cloud-delivered security

    Cisco Umbrella offers flexible, cloud-delivered security when and how you need it. It combines multiple security functions into one solution, so you can extend protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere. Umbrella is the easiest way to effectively protect your users everywhere in minutes.

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  • Cisco Meraki

    Advanced security – Integrated security to protect against advanced threats.
    With an increasingly distributed learning environment, security is more important than ever. Cisco Meraki’s intuitive dashboard lets you remotely take total control of any incident, from alert to fix. Plus, Cisco’s security solutions protect against advanced threats and are easy to implement across every layer of your network.

    Next-generation Wi-Fi – Deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments.
    Speed, reliability and performance are critical for all staff and students, wherever and whenever they’re online. Cisco’s enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions give you the power to create amazing digital experiences by offering faster, more powerful connections, even in challenging indoor or outdoor environments.

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  • Experience and expertise

    Our focus extends beyond the technology to encompass the full suite of solution, support and lifecycle services that are part of all successful IT projects. Whether you need to deploy a new network, remediate issues within an existing one, improve network monitoring and support or would simply like to understand about the latest developments in technology we can support you.

  • Specialisms

    • Premier Certified Partner
    • Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialisation
    • Meraki Partner
    • Enterprise Agreements Cisco DNA – Switching Wireless Routing
    • PSPP Education, Central & Local Government, Defence & Healthcare
  • Services

    • Consultancy and advice
    • Proof of concepts
    • Network design
    • Implementation and configuration
    • Migration from traditional networking
    • Network health checks
    • Wireless surveys
    • Network monitoring and support
    • Hardware break-fix