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XMA: The Specialist in Apple for Education


As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist with over 30-years’ experience working with the education sector, we understand the challenges education faces. And how, with the right technology and support, they can be overcome.

The specialist in Apple for education

Award winning for our IT services into the public sector

Trusted supplier for thousands of schools and the largest Multi Academy Trusts in the UK

Bespoke coaching and mentoring with educators through our Digital Learning Team

Compliant routes to purchase through education frameworks

  • Introducing Apple to your school

    The right technology can play a major role in supporting learning and give children life skills that are essential for their future. With intuitive Apple technology, students have the freedom to explore and learn in a way that’s fun and engaging. And education-specific apps and curriculum programmes, designed by Apple for the classroom, help teachers achieve the best learning outcomes for students, while reducing administrative tasks.

    65% of the jobs our children will apply for in the future, don’t exist today*

  • Introducing Apple to your university

    XMA is at the forefront of deploying and supporting Apple technology to universities throughout the UK. .

    We have supported many universities with their move to a more blended learning approach. We are also a compliant route to purchase, as suppliers on the HEPCW framework for the supply of Apple products and services.

  • Driving Digital Innovation

    The deployment and adoption of innovative technology can be challenging when not properly executed and aligned with educational objectives. And considerations such as blended learning need to be addressed.

    While considering this new way of working, senior leadership and IT departments will have a lot of questions. As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we want to help answer your questions and the many others institutions are likely to have when planning your digital strategy.

  • Keep learning tech current and budgets in check with Apple and XMA

    Higher Education IT budgets are stretched by rising costs, but universities and colleges are expected to deliver the same quality of learning. Find out how you can make your IT investments work harder and keep tech current with XMA and Apple.

  • Bring compatible devices to your classrooms

    With support for familiar Microsoft Office and Creative Cloud essentials, Apple tech can enhance your institution’s digital learning curriculum. And, with cross-platform collaboration and intuitive operating systems, they’ll fit perfectly into your existing tech setup.

    See how Apple devices can keep your institution connected and compatible in our guide.

    What do I need to consider?






  • Services designed for education

    As an Apple Professional Services provider, we give schools and universities the means to configure, deploy and secure technology and empower productivity. And in order to ensure you can effectively take care of your devices for optimal performance, functionality and compliance with IT and data security policies, XMA can assist by helping to assess your digital maturity, beginning with an initial Health Check.

  • Apple makes education inclusive

    Apple devices come with a range of accessibility-focused features, ideal for making digital education more inclusive. By providing tech that understands their individuality, Apple can help children engage with lessons in the way that suits them. And with Apple in the classroom, teachers are able to support every student on their learning journey – with devices designed with inclusion in mind.

  • XMA’s Digital Learning Team

    To get the most from your investment, you’ll want to ensure new technology is being adopted and used to its full potential. XMA’s in-house Digital Learning Team (DLT) enables this. As qualified Apple Professional Learning Specialists (APLS) and lifelong educators, they’re uniquely positioned to help education.

  • Why Mac is the perfect investment for education

    Whether you are new to Mac or looking to upgrade existing technology, XMA’s experts can guide you on the best devices for your place of learning. Discover 10 reasons why Mac is the right investment for your institution in our guide.

    The best tools for education with the best options for your budget

    When it comes to budgets, we understand they need to work hard for education. That’s why we work with Apple Financial Services to offer a financing model that’s proactive, accounts for regular technology refresh and makes room for growth and innovation. Do you want to upgrade your old edtech? Or perhaps what you have just can’t quite keep up with your digital learning needs? We can help.

    Trade-in your old devices for credit toward the latest Apple technology

    We’ll also buy-back Apple devices when you are ready to upgrade

    Tailor a financing agreement that works for your institution, so you can get your hands on the best tech now

    Want to pay upfront? You can still benefit from huge savings on the contracted price of your Apple tech, with flexible end of term options

    Meet the Apple family


    Put the power to learn and teach into their hands with iPad technology. Collaborate, research and even sketch on the go.

  • True tone display
  • 12MP Ultra Wide front camera
  • 5G connectivity
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil
  • MacBook

    Perfectly portable, but packing a punch, MacBook has a lot to offer education. Every MacBook comes with the powerful Apple M1 chip as standard, and up to:

  • 10-core CPU
  • 64GB memory
  • 8TB storage
  • 21-hours battery life
  • iMac

    The first Mac to feature a system on a chip makes this desktop model super compact. Amazing visuals and audio mean it’s perfect for collaboration and immersive experiences.

  • Apple M1 chip
  • Up to 16GB memory
  • Up to 2TB storage
  • 1080p FaceTime HD camera with M1 ISP