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Working closely with your school to enhance learning and teaching outcomes is at the top of our agenda.  With over 30 years’ experience as a Public Sector Reseller, we have provided endless value to our education customers, and are best placed to help your school execute on its vision.

A 10 year established allLearn programme

Award winning for our IT services into the Public Sector

Trusted supplier for over 3,000 schools and the largest Multi Academy Trusts in the UK

Bespoke coaching and mentoring with educators through our Digital Learning Team

Compliant routes to purchase through education frameworks

Introducing Apple
to your school

Technology has a major role to play in learning and in preparing students for the careers they will be responsible for in the future - a future where 65% of jobs they will apply for do not exist today.* Apple devices give students the freedom to explore and express new ideas, and learn the essential life skills children need.  This spans from creativity and teamwork, to critical thinking and problem solving.  The curriculum programs available across the Apple device portfolio have been specifically designed with the classroom in mind by educators, parents, artists, musicians and photographers.

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Introducing Apple
to your university

XMA is at the forefront of deploying and supporting Apple technology to universities throughout the UK, and this is evident through our status as an Apple Authorised Education Specialist. We have supported many universities with their move to a more blended learning approach.



Privacy and security is at the top of our agenda

We know that when introducing technology into the classroom, it’s imperative that both teachers and parents feel confident that devices are going to be used as they are intended to be. Every Apple product is built with an integrated approach to privacy and security – providing schools with devices, apps and services that keep student data and personal information secure. Apple services and apps for education are built with the same integrated approach to privacy that’s fundamental to the design of all Apple hardware, software and services. With Managed Apple IDs, your school controls student information and can choose to enable or disable apps and services such as iMessage and FaceTime. To ensure that schools providing devices to students are only enabling use for the purpose of education, Apple devices disable certain features and functions of Managed Apple IDs. You can have full peace of mind when it comes to putting Apple devices in the hands of children.


  • Tools for teaching

    Teachers need access to tools that can help them to streamline their workflow and reduce their overall workload. Tools that can provide instant feedback on schoolwork, guide students through a lesson and keep the class focused on the task, as well as share information and documents with pupils, staff and parents across the school. By adopting the right technologies and use of the right apps, you can finally focus on what’s most important: teaching. Apple Technology has also been designed to equip students with future-proof skills, ready for life beyond the classroom.Find out more about the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code initiatives, and how Apple devices can help reduce your workload.

  • Empowering Senior Leadership decisions

    We understand that you want the best possible technology for your school.  We also understand that you have a specific budget when it comes to your IT procurement – but your budget doesn’t need to hold you back, and your school doesn’t need to compromise education with price. XMA works directly with Apple Financial Services to create a financing solution that works for your school. Get maximum flexibility and select the payment schedule to fit your budget, get payment and trade-in options to suit your needs, and include software, upgrades, support and training in your finance payments. Find out how to maximise your budget and get the best return on your investment.

  • Supporting IT Managers with technology deployment

    XMA are here to support you every step of the way on your Apple journey, and that starts at the very beginning with the IT deployment.  We are here to help you get started with your new devices to ensure a seamless experience from the moment you open the box. Whether you are using an iPad or Mac, both are designed to work seamlessly in an environment that requires minimal IT resource – and thanks to Apple School Manager , it’s easier than ever to set up devices ready for the classroom. No mess, no fuss. Get started straight away with Apple School Manager.

  • Peace of mind for parents

    You want your children to have the best possible education and reach their full potential. Alongside that, you’ll want peace of mind that the technology your children are using inside and outside of school is safe. There are so many features on Apple devices that empower you, as a parent, to take control of how and when devices are used. You can create app limits, monitor and control their screen time, choose who your children communicate with throughout the day, and make sure they are only looking at child-friendly content. Find out more about the different features available to you as a parent.

  • Adoption & Digital Learning

    Preparing and developing teaching staff for the use of technology is so important. To get the very most out of your investment, your institution will want to ensure that technology is being adopted and used to its full potential. The Digital Learning Team (DLT) are XMA’s in-house team of Apple Professional Learning Specialists (APLS). All lifelong educators, they are from a variety of backgrounds which mean that they are all uniquely qualified to demonstrate and advise on how best to use technology to enhance learning and teaching.


    Apple Devices empower every type of learner by hosting a combination of multimedia materials; animation with narration, to images with text embedded, are providing a multitude of benefits. These less formal ways of working and conversational learning are proving effective not just in the SEN space, but in mainstream education via interactive learning methodologies.


    Lifecycle management of your Apple technology

    We can support you in the ongoing management of the devices through our professional services. We have a wide range of skills, and capabilities that allow us to support your school in delivering projects of any size or scale – through the entire life cycle of your Apple device.



    It's easy to buy from XMA

    We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to buy your Apple products from XMA. That’s why we offer a range of flexible finance models, subscriptions and trade-in schemes: We see the most innovative schools, even those with limited budget, prioritising student and faculty technology resources and building a financial model around that priority.



    Developing your Digital Strategy

    The reality of 2020 has meant institutions have been forced to develop or re-design their digital strategies to suit remote learning and contact free classrooms, while also maintaining security and safeguarding provisions. While considering this new way of working, senior leadership and IT departments will have a lot of questions. As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we want to help answer your questions and the many others institutions are likely to have when planning for the new academic year.



    *World Economics Forum, “The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” January 2016