Explore how APC solutions from Schneider Electric provide certainty in a connected world

What does APC offer?

APC™ is the flagship brand of Schneider Electric™, and the industry leader in physical infrastructure and software solutions. APC is all about power. Whether it’s battery backups that safeguard against outages within an office, to efficient and sustainable full-scale data centre infrastructure, APC aims to create workspaces which are greener, longer lasting and better for your users.

  • Look for the Green Premium ecolabel

    With Green Premium – Schneider Electric’s own unique eco-mark, Green Premium ecolabel aims to make complete environmental information accessible to everyone. Green Premium products provide detailed information on their regulatory compliance, material content, environmental impact and circularity attributes, so you can make informed decisions and reduce your carbon footprint.

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    APC products include:

    Battery backups

    Keep things running in the event of a sudden outage, with long-lasting, reliable battery backups

    Data centres

    With modular, micro and row data centres all available, there’s something for every business

    Edge computing solutions

    Capitalise on the Edge advantage with a range of Edge-compatible data centres, fit for any environment

    Lifecycle solutions

    Keep any APC products working at peak performance for the long term

  • Corporate efficiencies at the Edge

    Businesses today are seeking sustainable ways to save.

    Discover the profitability to be found at the Edge, with APC’s robust, integrated IT infrastructure from Schneider Electric.

    Enable best-in-class business continuity solutions – so you can meet and exceed every customer expectation.

    Embrace IoT innovations with robust, integrated APC infrastructure from Schneider Electric.

  • Empower continuous service provision at the Edge

    Quick and secure IT deployment keeps the wheels of public service turning, round the clock.

    Discover how straightforward remote management can be. Whether for education, multi-use workspace or factory floor-like environments, and whether it’s active cooling or enhanced security that are needed, there’s a flexible solution.

    Support service providers to stay always-on with robust, integrated APC infrastructure from Schneider Electric.

  • Offer a certain Edge to healthcare users

    Digital transformation is everywhere in healthcare today, from telemedicine to robotic surgery. The right environment-specific Edge solutions can enable you to:

    • Prevent the most common causes of downtime
    • Improve user experiences
    • Identify operational efficiencies
    • Support patient-centred care delivery with robust, integrated APC infrastructure from Schneider Electric.

    XMA and APC

    We know the importance of business continuity, and we believe that we can deliver that in a way that’s financially and environmentally sustainable. Together with APC by Schneider Electric, we can provide you with best-in-class solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.



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