Leading the field in video and voice solutions

Leading the field in video and voice solutions for more than 50 years, Poly has the products and services to help you look and sound your best – no matter where you’re located.

As a Poly partner and distributor, XMA can help you get the very best from its world-class technology, delivering the right combination of hardware and software for your needs and working environment.

  • Increase your anywhere productivity

    With 74% of organisations planning to permanently incorporate remote working, getting the right tech setup is of vital importance. Whether it’s speakers, video cameras or headsets, Poly’s range of solutions help workers, at home or in the office, to communicate effectively.

  • Supporting the diverse needs of modern business

    From the executives down to the most junior members of staff, communication is crucial for the success of any business. Whether it’s a worker on the move needing to connect to multiple devices, or a remote collaborator needing to stay part of the team, Poly has a solution.

  • Solutions for the classroom of today – and tomorrow

    It’s not just office environments that benefit from Poly’s technology. As classrooms continue to evolve, so do Poly’s classroom solutions. Advanced voice, video and sharing tools empower educators to deliver exceptional learning from any location.

  • Focus on teaching not tech with intuitive camera-tracking technology
  • Affordable, scalable video and audio solutions for hybrid-learning models
  • Support day-to-day administration with high-quality collaboration tools
  • Tools to inspire

    Poor light. Bad sound quality. Uncomfortable headsets. They can all detract from the virtual learning. Keep students focussed and deliver immersive teaching experiences with Poly’s high-performance video and audio devices.

    Find out more in our infographic.

  • Sound and vision personified

    As Poly partner and distributor, XMA is perfectly positioned to get the best from its world-class technology.

    We’ve created some Poly and HP bundles to suit any work requirement. Find out more by viewing our guide.

    Poly Studio P5

    Stay focussed and be heard with the Poly Studio P5 professional webcam. Its high-focus digital zoom and automatic low-light compensation keeps the focus on you and not your surroundings. While the inbuilt microphone captures your voice with pitch-perfect clarity.

  • 1080p HD image quality and 4x zoom
  • Compatible with wired and wireless headsets
  • Integrated privacy shutter
  • Portable for working on the go
  • Easy to setup, troubleshoot and manage


    Poly Studio P15

    With exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing and cutting-edge noise blocking technology, the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar helps you show up and stand out with confidence.

  • Simple USB connectivity for ease of setup
  • High-performance 4K image sensor
  • Be seen and heard with image and voice-following technology
  • Avoid interruption with NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence technology
  • Compatible with popular video apps – including Microsoft Teams and Zoom


    Poly UC Series

    Poly Voyager 4300 UC Series

    Remove the shackles and enjoy the freedom to move with the Voyager 4300 UC Series headset. It offers everything you need to stay productive and connected, whether you’re in the office, classroom or at home.

  • 50-metre Bluetooth connectivity
  • Eliminates background noise with dual-mic Acoustic Fence technology
  • Multiple device connectivity, including PCs and Macs, smartphones and desk phones
  • Plug-and-play option for when the battery is low
  • Stereo and mono versions available
  • Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC

    Delivering audio perfection, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC stereo Bluetooth headset offers Poly’s best noise-reduction yet. Plus, smart design features for all-day comfort and useability.

  • Active noise cancelling (ANC) for distraction-free calling
  • Mute calls at the touch of a button or by taking the headset on and off
  • Always be heard with Dynamic Mute Alert
  • Connect to multiple devices, including PCs and Macs, smartphones and desk phones
  • Always be heard with Dynamic Mute Alert
  • Why XMA and Poly

    Now more than ever, technology is an integral part of our daily lives. We are no longer tied to the confines of the office or the classroom and need the tools to collaborate and communicate with confidence from any location. That’s why we’ve partnered with Poly to deliver advanced audio and video conference equipment and software, that lets you do so in a simple and intuitive way. We understand that not everyone’s challenges will be the same. That’s why we work with you to deliver the right technology to achieve your objectives. We start with you. We listen. We learn. And then we deliver a solution that fits your needs.