Our Approach

Each time you engage with us, we follow a four phase methodology to make certain that we deliver unbiased solutions to industry best practice, that exceed your expectations.

XMA is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2045. To find out more about how we aim to achieve this, please read our Carbon Reduction Plan.


Engage - Participate – Understand

We take the time to understand your organisation, how your staff are working today and how they use the current technology toolsets available to them.

We look to engage with your key operational units and stakeholders to understand your key processes and any significant considerations, appreciating what is critical to your business, and the impacts of those critical services.


Challenges – Events – Drivers

Through workshops, we discuss and explore the challenges you are facing. Often, challenges result in an event such as a technology failure or outage, a business continuity event, or rapid and unexpected business variation, and this drives a need for change.


Location – Growth - Transformation

Aligning to your organisational objectives and strategies, we design the technology solution to support any anticipated growth or future change whilst understanding your mobility goals for staff and data locality, enabling the technology solution to drive transformation within your organisation.


Design - Implement - Transform

We ultimately deliver strategically aligned outcome based transformational solutions that are designed by a team of consultants and architects with over 300 combined years of engineering experience.

To ensure continuity throughout the process, our specialist engineering team work alongside all required stakeholders and together with our consultants, design the requirements for implementation, which is overseen by our certified project specialists.

Defining your technology strategy

Following this standardised methodology, we help your organisation to define and document a technology strategy that you can execute in line with the objectives of your organisation, this includes:-

• Understand – Understand your core strategies and objectives
• Anticipate – Future expectations/goals for your organisation
• Align – Technology to support and sustain
• Skills – Provide resource and education plans
• Balance – Deliver consistency and flexibility
• Document – Goals, milestones and measurements

Pre and Post delivery

When it comes to implementing a new solution, we understand that in order for you to truly realise the full benefit of your investment, it goes beyond the successful execution of your projects. Consequently, we provide a consultative approach and range of life-cycle services that consider all elements of engagement pre and post-delivery.

Let’s talk

Contact us today and start to understand how we can collectively help to define and realise the right strategic outcomes for your organisation.

• Deliver a consistent IT service on a day-today basis
• ‘One team’ ethos – building for high-performance
• End user focus & continuous improvement culture
• IT as an enabler for transformation
• Cost and value sensitive