XMA Shop

Straightforward IT procurement for organisations with complex purchasing requirements

XMA Shop is an Ecommerce solution that is bespoke to match the complex needs of your organisation. We aim to provide a unique user experience that enables time- and cost-efficient procurement, allows you to rationalise your supplier base, and streamlines associated administrative tasks.

XMA Shop simplifies the procurement of commoditised IT, with access to an extensive catalogue of over 30,000 products ranging from computing, peripherals, print and accessories through to servers, storage and services.

Accessing XMA Shop

XMA Shop is capable of offering several methods of access, including via direct secure login, access via IP range, and punch-out connection from your finance or procurement system.

We are already fully integrated with most major procurement platforms, and where we don’t have an existing integration with your systems, our technical team are available to work with you and the provider to set up a connection. As part of these connections, we also offer full integration of XML ordering and XML invoicing.


Your XMA Shop portal can be customised and fine-tuned to reflect the requirements of your organisation, including customer-specific homepages and menus, approval workflows, and preferred payment options.

Whether it is to reflect specific framework requirements or simply to help you to rationalise your device fleet, we can build a tailored pricelist for your organisation at agreed pricing levels.

Order approval workflows and tiered procurement rights can be implemented for your organisation to ensure that purchasing, reporting and cost control is easier than ever.

Our dedicated Ecommerce team are available to consult with you about your XMA Shop portal, from determining your individual requirements right through to delivering your bespoke solution. To get started, speak to your account manager or contact us.

Get started

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