Microsoft Surface for Government

Reduced budgets, and increasing demand on public services, mean that Government organizations are under pressure to achieve more for less. Technology is helping to transform the way they engage with citizens and deliver services. Surface gives civil servants the tools they need to work productively, collaboratively, and securely, wherever they are. With the power of a laptop, the mobility of a tablet, and the convenience of digital note taking, employees can now be more efficient, effective, and responsive than ever before.

Digitally transform your business with Microsoft technology

Optimise your citizen engagement

More efficient and more secure

There's a device for every purpose

Modern deployment and manageability



Optimise your citizen engagement

Modernising your office technology can better position your  organisation to accommodate this increased demand and  optimise your citizen engagement. Microsoft Surface devices and software can give public  workers the tools they need to work productively,  collaboratively, and securely, wherever they are – helping  them better serve the public. With the power of a laptop, the mobility of a tablet, and the  convenience of digital note taking, public employees can  be more efficient, effective, and collaborative, wherever they  need to be.

Security and efficiency

Improving productivity is important, but ensuring data confidentiality is essential. Surface users access internal resources via VPN and Direct Access, which is backed up by the enterprise-grade security of Windows 10. And because people achieve more on one device, Surface is cost-effective too.

  • Windows 10 protects against viruses and malware, even if a device is lost or stolen. Surface gives Government organizations the peace of mind that comes with knowing data is safe and compliant.
  • Windows Hello facial recognition makes logon easier, and more secure.
  • Devices are intuitive to use, and easy to manage, reducing downtime, IT support time, and costs

Modern deployment and manageability

Surface devices enable zero touch provisioning  of self-deploying Surface devices leveraging  Windows Autopilot in a fully business-ready state  across your organisation.

Modern manageability means Cloud-based lifecycle  management of Surface devices with the latest  updates, device drivers, firmware, and remote wipe capabilities.

Make the shift to a modern device

The deadline for Windows 7 End of Support is approaching, and your organisation needs to make the shift to modern Windows 10 devices. XMA are best placed to help your organisation with your migration to a modern environment. Our Windows 10 readiness assessment has been created specifically to help you apply a best practice approach and minimise any associated risks regardless of the size or scale of your establishment.

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