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A program that demonstrates inspiring ways to use iPad in your classroom. We understand that incorporating technology into your lesson plans can be daunting, and designing new ways of learning for your pupils can be challenging. To combat this, our qualified Apple Professional Learners can show you engaging ways of how to incorporate iPad and supporting apps into your curriculum, as well as provide you with a hands on experience of ways to enhance teaching and learning.


Take a look at our sample Mission to Mars tutorial video. Our Apple Professional Learner, Andrew Jewell, is demonstrating the best way to use iPad and the Green Screen app to teach your pupils the importance of literacy, team work and creativity skills, with a fun and engaging space-themed task. We have so many more tutorial videos and lessons plans available for you to use. Visit Teachable to view more inspiring lesson plans today.

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Meet the Trainers

Our Apple Professional Learners have over 35 years of teaching experience between them, and are dedicated to changing the way schools are using technology in the classroom. They are on hand to provide lesson plans and to help build the confidence of teachers using Apple in their lessons.

Andrew Jewell
Lead Learning Consultant

A teacher of over 17 years classroom experience, Andrew was at the forefront of the world’s first 1:1 iPad project at Cedars School of Excellence in 2010, becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011 and Apple Professional Learning Specialist in 2013.

Jennifer Craig
Digital Learning Consultant

Jennifer has been teaching for 11 years and has experience across all stages of the primary school. She has also worked in Primary Schools in Scotland and Italy! Jennifer loves using Keynote to bring learning to life in the classroom allowing the children to take control of their own learning.

Nicola Paterson
Learning Consultant

She started her journey as an Apple Education Trainer in September 2016, working with various local authorities across Scotland to embed learning with iPad in the curriculum. Nicola has a keen interest in sharing the iPad’s accessibility features and enjoys leading workshops on filmmaking using iMovie, Clips and Green Screen.

Steve Bunce
Apple Professional Learning Specialist with Vision and Planning, Sphero Hero - a unique role to develop coding with robots

Steve is an experienced teacher and has taught in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges. He has covered many roles including head of ICT, head of year and senior leader.

Leigh Milligan
Team Leader: Digital Learning Consultant

Leigh heads up the Digital Learning Team at XMA. A teacher with a wealth of experience in both primary and secondary, Leigh is a fully Accredited Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

Natalie Burgess
Digital Learning Consultant

Natalie is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, and has experience in coaching and mentoring other teachers how to use technology effectively in the classroom. Her role now within XMA is truly exciting, being able to coach and mentor teachers across Glasgow to use iPads effectively in their classroom across the city.

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