Microsoft Surface – Transforming the classroom

Technology is transforming Education. Education needs devices that can keep up.

Today’s classroom is evolving. Teaching techniques, learning methods and school administration are all unrecognisable in comparison to the previous decade.

In April 2019, Gov UK (2019)¹ released a policy paper ‘Realising the potential of technology in education’. This policy is a strategy for both education providers and the technology industry to help improve and increase the effective use of technology in education. The key objectives are to:

  • Cut workload
  • Foster efficiencies
  • Support inclusion
  • Drive improvement in educational outcomes

This strategy has made commitments to secure the digital infrastructure, develop digital capability and skills, promote effective procurement and promote digital safety. Commitments were made to support the education technology (EdTech) industry through vision, leadership and building an environment where EdTech business can grow and thrive. Commitments such as these demonstrate the huge amount of change across the education market as well as the wants and needs of the immediate stakeholders in education.

Whilst traditional techniques like pen and paper are still paramount to the next generations learning, Microsoft Surface offers new opportunities for engagement and interaction within the classroom.

Microsoft Surface for Education offers a versatile and exciting portfolio of devices to aid the learning of our future generations. This portfolio helps education professionals to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst best equipping them to support their students.

There are common technological problems which occur day in and day out, both in, and outside the classroom for students and teachers. Teachers need to be mobile and therefore devices must be portable, light and powerful to run the best of Microsoft Software, Surface has this covered.

Take a look at the Microsoft Surface Go, released in 2018 this device has revolutionised the traditional ‘tablet’ device. As a full Windows 10 Pro PC, teachers can now access all digital learning tools they would on a regular PC. The Surface Go untethers teaching, with Miracast, teachers can now connect wirelessly to the class projector, freeing mobility around the classroom.

Touch and Inking capabilities of the Surface Go bring a realistic ‘pen on paper’ experience to the students’ desks. The Surface Go was built for digital inking. Digital inking improves outcomes for both students and teachers, for example, Microsoft (2019) stated that science marks increased by up to 36% when students could ‘think in digital ink’. In support of this, 90% of teachers agree that digital inking improves the quality of their curriculum (Microsoft, 2019). To enhance this experience further, the Surface Go incorporates Smart Controls in the Type Cover* and can even differentiate between intentional and accidental clicks. These features minimise the barrier to the effective use of technology in the classroom, supporting inclusion.

The Surface Go’s innovative hinge design allows students and teachers to easily move between the use of a tablet, studio device and laptop. This expands learning and teaching methods far beyond the whiteboard and notebook.

Forever wasting precious class time on logging into devices? The Surface Go incorporates Windows Hello which uses biometric login information, keeping your information more secure than traditional passwords written down in the back of a notebook. Windows Hello also cuts down the time it takes for students and teachers to get started.

The design and thought behind these carefully engineered features demonstrates the need for supportive technology in education as well as the ever-adapting classroom and learning techniques.

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*Sold separately

¹Gov UK (2019). Realising the potential of technology in education. Available at: