Make healthcare more personalised with Microsoft Surface

Technology is transforming the healthcare industry. It is now possible to provide a better experience to your patients and practitioners by modernising your healthcare environment with modern technology. Microsoft Surface allows staff and patients to remotely collaborate, provides a sophisticated platform for research based tasks, and gives practitioners a deeper insight into their patients which results in more personalised care, and empowered healthcare teams.


What challenges are facing the healthcare industry today?
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A single view of digital patient records that are accessible from anywhere
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Providing the best possible care to patients with staff shortages

Modernising healthcare practices on restricted budgets
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Maintaining patient confidentiality and staying protected from data breaches


Evolving technology creates opportunities, not hurdles
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Provide more personalised care
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Empower your healthcare teams with improved collaboration
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Peace of mind with security and compliance
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Improved operational outcomes

Using Surface Go and Microsoft 365, mobile NHS clinicians are able to work remotely and always stay up to date and connected. View our InfoGraphic to find out more

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Microsoft Surface personalised healthcare solutions

Provide more personalised care

Microsoft allows practitioners to engage with their patients on a much more personal level.
You can access patient records from anywhere, securely, with data encryption and LTE connectivity.

Empowering care teams

Bring colleagues and specialists into conversations with patients using built in programs such as Teams and Skype for business.

Additionally, through the use of Surface Hub, you can launch a conference call quickly with Surface Hub’s one-touch meeting start and Skype for Business integration.

Peace of mind with security and compliance

Surface provides built in security that automatically updates, relieving you of the compliance burden. The built in security is specifically tuned for Windows 10, and automatic updates eliminate the need for human intervation.

Improved operational outcomes

Optimise operational performance by using data insights to better manage claims, costs, staffing, and patient throughput. You can communicate in one place for secure collaboration, as well as create proactive treatment plans that can be shared centrally and tracked easily across multiple systems.

There is a Surface device for every role

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