Innovate with an intelligent foundation

Modern technology is at the core of good government, helping to create the vital services that citizens and local businesses need to thrive. While good progress has been made, the Public Sector must now deliver transformational change. This means navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution and modernising IT.

In the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be critical to modern government. This for fraud detection, ID verification, cyber-security, as well as to enable smart places. And to support early intervention and prevention strategies.


But knowing where to start on your AI journey isn’t easy, particularly given the security, ethical and interoperability challenges that need working through. But expert advice is on tap from HPE.

Machine learning and AI can be used to improve human lives. It is already doing this whether it is through devices that offer advice, like the intelligent personal assistants that most everyone uses to prepare us for changes in the weather, or with systems that protect our money from criminals, or devices that offer medical advice from the comfort of our own home. This is only the start; the potential of AI is undeniable.


Using advanced algorithmic techniques such as ‘deep learning’, AI has the potential to solve complex problems fast, and in so doing, free up time and raise productivity

With IT environments growing more and more complex and demanding, traditional IT systems management is moving into a new era of intelligence-driven automation and optimisation. The #FutureFit trend is to autonomous computing, where new technologies adjust compute, storage, and network capacity on the fly in a continuous optimisation model.

New machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, combined with a common management framework, are changing the face of how IT operations are bringing all the pieces together―with automation being key.


The foundation begins with automation because if you can automate, you become repeatable, consistent, and reliable – vital in data centres. Automation also drives greater consistency and quality of data which can be used to understand service trends, performance and personalised citizen needs to help improve operations, enable faster delivery and smarter transformation.

HPE has years of delivery expertise on global projects across multiple technologies and AI workloads and has the expert advisors you need to take your project to hero status.

This year-end, HPE invites you to invest in high-performance infrastructure to drive innovation, security, agility and transformation with people-centred outcomes.


An AI-enabled technology foundation can help the public sector create new value and experiences for humans and businesses in a digital age, one where almost everyone and everything generates and shares data. And achieve transformation.

In a world where every investment government makes in technology must work harder, the solution for a #futurefit government is an intelligent foundation.


HPE ProLiant — The intelligent compute foundation for hybrid cloud that delivers unmatched workload optimisation, security, and automation, all available as a service.

HPE ProLiant servers feature user-inspired innovations to make IT simpler, including:

Workload Optimization

The foundational intelligence of HPE ProLiant transforms IT with insights that optimize workload performance, placement and efficiency, delivering better outcomes faster.

360-Degree Security

Already the world’s most secure industry-standard server, HPE ProLiant provides an enhanced holistic, 360-degree view to security that begins in the manufacturing supply chain and concludes with a safeguarded, end-of-life decommissioning.

Intelligent Automation

The intelligence built-in to HPE ProLiant simplifies and automates management tasks, establishing a solid foundation for an open, hybrid cloud platform enabled by composability.

The human benefit of investing your year-end budget in the HPE Gen 10 technology portfolio today? Better people-centred government that delivers to mandate. HPE ProLiant servers feature user-inspired innovations to make IT simpler.

What does this mean for the Public Sector? Quite simply, the ability to deploy public services better and faster than before.

Navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, confidently. Transform faster and more securely than ever before with a strategic technology partner. And put your citizenry first by spending your year-end budget on infrastructure today that enables a better future tomorrow.

Advance the way citizens work and live. Deliver mission-critical public services faster, while enabling innovation for a better, more secure tomorrow.

Speak to an HPE consultant today. Invest your year-end budget and get #futurefit for tomorrow.

 Why HPE?

  • HPE continues to meet government sustainability goals by embedding efficiency, security, and reusability throughout the lifecycle of products.
  • HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers remain the most secure and energy-efficient on the market.
  • Industry-leading high-performance computing solutions including best-in-class people, technology and partners for complex AI and analytics
  • The world’s most secure and intelligent servers.
  • Winner of CRN’s Technology Innovators Award 2019 in the Server category for HPE InfoSight for Servers.
  • HPE Proliant Servers are currently being discounted exclusively for the public sector.
  • HPE’s policy is never to be beaten on price. HPE wants to help the public sector do more with less budget, and transform while delivering better citizen services.
  • It is quick and easy to buy HPE through Crown Commercial Service. XMA are listed as a HPE partner on these CCS frameworks: Technology Products 2, Technology Services 2, & Educational Technology.

How XMA can help

XMA are an HPE Platinum Partner in the UK.  In order to hold the HPE Platinum Partner accreditation, we must be able to demonstrate our commercial and technical ability to understand, design and implement the HPE Hybrid IT portfolio. XMA are an HPEFS Platinum Partner and the largest UK HPEFS partner for Asset Lifecycle Services / Circular Economy.

XMA have a clear strategic alignment and one with HPE, both at commercial and technical levels.

We are capable of delivering a full catalogue of professional and managed services, ranging from standard logistical services through to bespoke transformation projects that deliver our customers’ business outcomes.

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