Creative Intelligence: The Awakening (iPad edition)

Responding to issues, understanding opinions, activating creative instinct.

Building culture. Instigating change. Deducing potential.

In July 2019, we were enlightened with a youthful outlook on creativity and global concern. We understand the power of societal influxes and demands into our own lives, and how many attitudes and beliefs become stronger as we mature. However creativity through all ages via drawing gives us a chance to express our personal visions. It is those visions we mentally visualise which make us human, which appeal to our instincts, what makes us – us, which makes for interesting and diverse discoveries. 

As part of our ‘Everyone Can Create’ campaign and equipped with an iPad and pencil, we invited school children to create an imaginative drawing to share with us, alongside a short description explaining their motivation behind their piece. To our admiration, we received several entries displaying signs of concern for our environment and planet. 

Reflecting upon this mirrors findings from Bernardos in 2004, where they deducted how children want to help protect their local environments from less traffic, less litter and more green space. Sixteen years later in 2020, we’ve seen a tremendous rise in planet protection, especially in 2019 with, for example, the rise in veganism and new laws restricting the manufacture of single use plastics. As time passes, our intelligence and awareness of our surroundings heightens as we create a safe culture for the new generations to live in.

As highlighted by Bernardos, ‘children are a powerful symbol of the future’ which provides us with an even more compelling reason to protect the environment.

Task: If we gave you the task of producing an imaginative drawing of your own desire, have a think of what you could do. If you fancy having a go, unleash your creative freedom, grab an iPad and get drawing – our inbox is always open!

Take a look at some of the fantastic entries we received below. Hover over the images to unlock the artists’ own description. How well can you resonate with the theory of Creative Intelligence?

Creative Inspiration 1

“My artwork is me crying about a thought and I am listening to music to make me feel better. Or you can look at it like me as the world melting from global warming, the music is human trying to soothe the world. The tear is loss of water. My face is sick grass. The blue hair is representing the sea, the purple and black streaks are the poison and pollution. The moon is showing how carbon dioxide in the sky.”

Creative Inspiration 2

“I want to show that we must act towards global warming and this is how I feel on the inside about the life changing effects of global warming. The tear represents the water wasted every day and the lips are saying to think about your choices. Even a small act can help. We have to act now!”

Creative Inspiration 3

“The reason why I did this picture is to show how concerned I am about global warming.”

How are we doing our bit?

2019 has been a great year for us to reflect upon our procedures for sustainability. The two biggest changes we have made include:

Reducing, reusing, and responsively recycling packaging
Less waste, more devices to fit in transport, less vehicles on the roads.

Reducing electricity usage
Installing LED lights and light sensors into our offices which use less energy.

You can read more about our environmental policies here.

Whilst we’re on the subject, have you heard of the HP trade up?

Trade up
Reducing the manufacturing of new materials and refurbishing older devices.
You can find out a little more

Words of Advice

Here are some top tips from Damian Edwards - Quality Assurance Manager at XMA.

  • Act consciously

    ‘Reflect on how you can personally develop for change’ 

  • It’s all about working together

     ‘Encourage others to be more efficient’

  • We’re on a journey

    ‘You have to start somewhere, small changes can make a big difference’


Round Up

We can all do our bit to help, no matter how small it is, a step forward is still a step in the right direction.
Creating change together has never been so impactful.