EKO Trust

The challenge

EKO Trust wished to simplify their systems, infrastructure and services to improve the service to users of ICT and drive down costs. They were using outdated tools and wished to move to a more cloud-centric, flexible and mobile solution, with a managed service appropriate to the new IT world they wished to build.


Why XMA?

EKO Trust selected XMA based on their criteria for industry standard, non-proprietary systems, with a cloud-first approach. They recognised XMA’s accreditations covered Google, Microsoft and Apple at the highest level. Our experience in delivering managed services to similar sized Trusts in London gave them confidence they could put their Service in safe hands.

XMA initially approached this by creating a step by step plan to enable the Trust to migrate from costly, proprietary systems to the cloud. We assessed options for the Trust for their principal collaboration and productivity suite. We selected Google’s G Suite based on the nature of the primary Trust and the outcome of trails in their schools. The Plan covered every area important to success, including staff morale, training, transition and success measures. It assessed and addressed the needs of all key user groups: pupils, teachers, administration, leadership and governance.


What solutions were delivered?

Infrastructure Solution

XMA has worked with the Trust to support the cloud-based management of Windows workstations and provided technical support and training during a Proof of Concept (PoC) phase that involved a range of technologies including InTune, Windows 10 and Azure that were completely new to the IT support team.


Managed Service

Our Managed Service delivers for all users with industry standard modern management tools. The Service solution enables XMA to fix issues remotely in more than 70% of cases, whilst capturing key data needed to improve the Service and Solution.

The Service retains skilled on-site resource to support users where they need a local response. EKO Trust’s XMA Service Delivery Manager (SDM) ensures that every element of the Service works together and delivers for users. The SDM hosts termly reviews, where they present service level agreement outcomes, call data and recommendations for improving the service.


What challenges were faced during this project?

EKO is a growing Trust and phasing in of resource with the right skills at the right time is tricky and requires flexibility. XMA has been able to cover with existing staff, whilst recruiting specific staff for the Trust. This has meant getting the right person for the role without leaving the Trust under-resourced.


What have been the benefits to EKO Trust since the technology was implemented?

  • The Trust has been able to focus more on its Strategy for IT at the heart of everything they do
  • Use of XMA’s X Desk IT Service Management tool has enabled them to capture a more complete picture of their users’ needs
  • They have been able to flexibly scale the resource to support the Trust by adding just the right deployment of technician time, as they needed it
  • They have been able to smoothly expand with the acquisition of new schools. Each new school joints the Trust’s ICT system and has access to all the same benefits of collaboration and anytime, anywhere learning
  • The cloud first model has enabled them to more rapidly adjust to remote learning models with the advent of lockdown under Covid 19
  • During the recent Covid 19 outbreak, XMA configured an InTune management profile more suited to home working that allowed devices to be moved offsite in a secure manner to maintain continuity of services


What next?

EKO is working with XMA on a range of activities such making blended learning more engaging whilst maintaining e-safety with children joining in classroom learning synchronously from home. The Trust has worked with XMA on their Vision and Strategy to help them distil their objectives, supporting their management of change and stakeholder understanding of their direction.

The Trust are now progressing toward their objective of putting ICT at the front and centre of learning. They are in a great position to add new schools in the Trust under the ICT support umbrella and ICT solution principles. They are currently onboarding the Hackney New Primary School into the Trust and enable the Trust to grow further.


“It has been a pleasure to work so closely with the Trust and see IT transforming to be at the heart of everything they do. During the Covid lockdown they have been well placed to continue learning and teaching using Google G Suite and are now looking to establish new and exciting teaching practices. Their infrastructure and systems are evolving from separate school silos to an optimised Trust model using the best of Google and Microsoft technologies to promote outstanding workflow and collaboration.”
Guy Bates, Education Solution Sales Director at XMA