XMA statement regarding Coronavirus and Business Continuity

Coronavirus Statement Update 06/04/20

We are now moving into the third week of the national lockdown, which has changed life as we know it across the UK and challenged every person in the country in ways that we could have only imagined a few short weeks ago.

During this time, XMA has continued to operate a full service across all areas of the business, and continued to meet its 3 key objectives:

1. Continuing to support and deliver to our customers the goods and services they need to support their changing requirements
2. Making sure our employees are cared for to the best of our abilities
3. Securing the long-term future and stability of the XMA business, so that our customers and staff can have confidence in these challenging  times

The XMA board is meeting (virtually) at 8am every day of the working week. Each day we review the performance of the business, any changes to the government advice around the virus response, and decide on any actions that need to be taken. These discussions often last for as much as 2 hours as we carefully analyse the data that we have, and discuss the key actions that are required to make sure that XMA keeps operating as we would expect.

We have communicated in the past that we moved 90% of our colleagues to working from home. This has allowed our business to operate in an uninterrupted way, and although it has tested our team working and communications skills, we have been massively pleased with the results. Our management teams are monitoring KPIs on a daily basis and using the data themselves in daily conversations with their teams to make sure that they can support them on all levels.

Our teams have been focused and committed to customer service and have been working extra hard to make sure that they execute all of the tasks in front of them. Every aspect of our customer experience has continued as before. This change to our working patterns has come at a peak point in our government trading year and with a spike in the requirement to support the NHS and other front line government agencies. We believe we are meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations of XMA.

Clearly not all of our services can be delivered from home, and a number of our teams have continued to work throughout the last two weeks. Our warehouse, logistics and configuration teams have worked tirelessly to keep product moving to our customers while conducting themselves in a manner that has respected the government guidance on social distancing. Additionally, our on-site engineers and technical staff have been on hand to support customers who need them to help keep their IT systems running during these times. XMA continues to assess when this work can be carried out safely and when this work meets the requirement of essential.

From all of us at XMA we would like to thank all NHS staff, care and social workers, police, volunteers and the unsung heroes who are keeping the UK fed and safe. We hope we are doing our part to support the UK in overcoming this global challenge.

Best wishes,
Lee Hemani and the XMA Board

Please contact us at approvals@xma.co.uk if you need to discuss your business needs.