Brexit Committee Update March 2021

Brexit Committee News Update – March 2021 Update

Now we are approaching the end of Q1 2021, the reality of the Brexit agreement is emerging with the anticipated delays becoming apparent. As a responsible and proactive partner to our customers and suppliers, we have planned throughout 2020 to address all anticipated outcomes, and we are operating processes that allow trading in the UK and EU to be achieved in the most efficient way within the new regulations.

Despite continued pressure on the international supply chain through Covid restrictions, IT parts constraints, continued exceptional demand and varying interpretation of the new rules across Europe, our experience and preparation has limited these delays for our customers. Rest assured XMA is working with all of our customers to remain at the front of service innovation to remove these delays and will continue our Brexit committee and updates until we recognise that all trading conditions have returned to a consistent and effective

What has changed?

Our customers in England, Wales and Scotland

There will be no change in process from XMA, but we have ensured all of our Suppliers are compliant with all new import requirements to maintain consistency in supply and minimise any unnecessary delays at border points.

Our customers in Northern Ireland

The UK and EU agreed and implemented a solution to minimise disruption regarding cross border
movements. XMA have gained the specific EORI number (XI) to maintain our ability to supply our customers in Northern Ireland and we are also recording the commodity codes and country of origin of products supplied. For all customers in Northern Ireland we will require their EORI number and all deliveries will operate on a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) basis under Incoterms as this remains a UK to UK relationship. Further information on the specific requirements for trading in Northern Ireland can be found here

Our customers in Europe

XMA have a UK EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) to facilitate the movement of goods into the EEA, which became a requirement in 2021. We also record the Full commodity codes and country of origin for all products supplied and now supply commercial invoices for all shipments. For all orders into Europe we will require our customers to provide their EORI number and all deliveries will operate on a Delivered at Place (DAP) basis under Incoterms.

The future

The biggest concern over Brexit was uncontrolled delays of products arriving into the UK or being delivered to Europe, and it does appear there are initial challenges whilst new processes are fully adopted by all stakeholder groups. Overall, XMA are confident we are providing our customers with correct and effective advice to minimise any delays. We will continue to monitor this situation and where any further risk of delays are identified, work with our customers to mitigate the risk or look at alternative solutions.

If you have any questions about how XMA can support your organisation post Brexit, please contact your Account Manager or direct enquiries to: