Best in class: XMA appointed first place on the ITRAP framework

XMA are delighted to announce we have successfully scored a first place, direct award on the ITRAP framework which will span over a four year contract term and will operate through the HE Hub platform.

The ITRAP framework is operated by the SUPC (Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium), and covers IT related accessories and parts including:

  • Displays and monitors
  • Cables, storage media
  • Device protection
  • VR equipment
  • Peripheral accessories

The purpose of the framework is to provide these products at the best value through a scalable and simple route to purchase.

The key contributor to this win was the efficient and scalable business model we already had in place, which provides a best in class online experience to users within institutions buying high volume, low value IT peripherals. In addition to this the incredible team work from the XMA stakeholders involved created a winning blend and a first class team which resulted in a fantastic win.

This is incredibly exciting for XMA, and will give us the opportunity to further engage and expand the business within the Higher Education market.


“We approached this framework with nothing but ambition and a willingness to demonstrate our full potential. We had a strong proposition with an incredibly sophisticated eProcurement platform that was advantageous for us in the process. We have built a model that allows us to operate this framework in a scalable and efficient way online, which will drive huge additional value to our customers.”

Ross O’Donnell, Head of Ecommerce at XMA

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