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Work meeting have changed a lot over the past few years, and technology has quickly filled in the gaps. While virtual meetings have kept us connected, they’ve also introduced challenges like screen-sharing struggles and feeling disconnected from remote participants.

Enter the hybrid meeting room: a blend of in-person and online attendees. But navigating seamless screen sharing and ensuring everyone feels included can be tricky.

Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to Barco ClickShare. This innovative solution transforms your laptop, monitor, or dedicated large screen into a hybrid meeting powerhouse. No more wrestling with cables or wasting time getting set up. Get started in seconds as ClickShare automatically connects you to the display, camera, speakers, and more. With a single click, you’re wirelessly sharing your screen, starting a video conference, and ensuring everyone, whether physically present or joining remotely, is seen and heard. ClickShare’s intuitive interface guides you through the process, eliminating stress and keeping meetings flowing smoothly.

But ClickShare doesn’t stop there. It constantly evolves alongside the changing landscape of work, offering cutting-edge features that add extra dimensions to your hybrid meetings. With quarterly firmware updates that bring new benefits and features each time, ClickShare is evolving right alongside your workplace.

Ready to ditch the frustration and embrace seamless collaboration? Barco ClickShare is your key to unlocking productive and engaging hybrid meetings.

ClickShare – putting YOU at the heart of hybrid meetings

Makes your hybrid work-life easier

Empowers you and your coworkers

Built around your concerns for the future of hybrid working

Has you covered for anything regarding the hybrid meeting space

What is ClickShare

ClickShare is an award-winning wireless meeting room system for easy video conferencing, collaboration and presentation in the modern workplace. It seamlessly connects your laptop to the room display, audio and video equipment in any conference room, so you can start your meeting in less than 7 seconds with just one click via the ClickShare Button or App.

ClickShare comes in three ranges: wireless conferencing solutions for effortless collaboration in hybrid meetings, all-in-one video bars for wireless conferencing for sharp views and crystal-clear audio in hybrid meetings, and wireless presentation solutions for easy content sharing in face-to-face meetings.

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Announcing an all-new product

Clickshare Bar

ClickShare Bar is a premium, carbon-neutral, all-in-one video bar that enables engaging, effortless wireless conferencing in medium-sized meeting rooms with any videoconferencing platform.


Thanks to its advanced AV capabilities (dual screen, 4K content sharing) and interactive features (touchback, annotation, blackboarding), it enables crystalclear audio, sharp views, and enhanced interactivity for meetings where all participants feel heard and seen.

This solution offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing IT Managers to easily equip their meeting rooms.


Paired with a 5-year warranty, the bar overall reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by consolidating all collaboration, audio, and video functionalities into one powerful device.

ClickShare Conference

ClickShare Conference is the agnostic wireless room system that lets you run better hybrid meetings from your laptop, in any meeting space. No cables, no mess. Everyone is heard, everyone is seen, no matter where they are.

Walk in, connect automatically to room devices like cameras, mics, speakerphones, sound bars. ClickShare works with a large selection of compatible solutions from global partners and brands. Host a meeting from your device, use any UC&C platform. Our secure, connected and cloud managed solution makes hybrid collaboration flow with only one click.


Plug & play with the ClickShare Button or choose for smart, intent-based meeting flows powered by the App to make your meetings intuitive and interactive.

ClickShare Present

ClickShare Present makes hybrid collaboration flow by sharing content from any device on the central room display with one click.


Plug & Play with the ClickShare Button (Pc or Mac), go for workflow integration with the ClickShare App (laptop, mobile or tablet) or enable full BYOD (Airplay, GoogleCast and Miracast). With one simple click you or your guests get content on screen. No cables, no software to download, no training needed.


Designed for enterprise rollouts, ClickShare Present offers enhanced security features, network integration options and cloud management.

SmartCare is a free service package that is included in the purchase of every ClickShare Conference and Present unit. It provides your company with budget predictability, swift hardware replacement and expert support from both Barco and their partners for up to 5 years.

Try & Buy

Barco are so confident that you’ll love their ClickShare products, they’re giving you a 30-day free trial on a range of their latest products!

ClickShare Trade in program

Trade in your current model for the latest generation of ClickShare Conference devices at a unique discount price! Make collaboration seamless in and outside your meeting rooms.

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Why XMA and Barco?

At XMA, exceptional isn’t just a goal, it’s our foundation. Our specialist teams are deeply knowledgeable about all things hybrid working. Barco’s commitment to excellence aligns with our own values about delivering stellar service and guidance, resulting in us being awarded Silver Partner Status.


From large-scale purchases to navigate complex frameworks and processes, let us ease your procurement journey towards unlocking the potential of your hybrid working environment.