Apple in Higher Education

XMA is at the forefront of deploying and supporting Apple technology to universities throughout the UK, and this is evident through our status as an Apple Authorised Education Specialist.

We have supported many universities with their move to a more blended learning approach. We are also a compliant route to purchase, as suppliers on the HEPCW framework for the supply of Apple products and services.

Why Apple?

Technology has a major role to play in learning and in preparing students for the world and careers they’ll be responsible for in the future - a future where 65% of jobs they will apply for do not exist today.

Empower students and faculty to work anywhere at any time

Improve academic performance, engagement, and motivation

Incorporated learning tools that support reflective thinking and collaboration

Easy to deploy and simple to manage

Flexible finance options, making it an affordable solution for your institution

Apps for the full campus experience

Apple offer free, powerful apps that allow students to collaborate with peers and faculty, solve problems creatively, and be more productive.

The Power to take on any course load

No matter the course subject, Apple technology has the power to take on any course load. It’s designed to grow with you, during your time on campus and beyond. So you’re ready for everything university — and life — have to offer. As terrific as Mac and iPad are for studies, they are just as amazing for everything you do outside of class too.

Make connections all over campus

Apple technology is designed to connect seamlessly to university networks, shared printers and other campus devices. You can easily log in to learning management systems and even PC networks. And with AirDrop, you can instantly send a photo for a presentation, class notes, documents and more to nearby Mac, iPad and iPhone users.

Enabling blended learning

The adoption of technology can enable an effective blended learning approach for students and faculty. Students can experience the benefits of learning in a digital environment as well as through more traditional face-to-face methods. This approach can empower students to work independently as well as ensuring learning can continue without interruption.

Supporting the environment together

Apple is carbon neutral and their mission is to soon be able to build all their products with clean energy and no carbon footprint. This dedication to green initiatives means you can have access to state-of-the-art technology without a cost to the environment.

We are an Approved Supplier

We are an approved supplier to all major education purchasing frameworks to ensure maximum value from the procurement of IT products and services. We support public sector organisations in achieving cost efficiency without compromising the level of choice and compliance.

  • XMA partners with Teesside University to adopt Future Facing Learning

    XMA has supported Teesside University in delivering their Digital Development Programme, part of the institution’s Future Facing Learning (FFL) Strategy. Future Facing Learning empowers students to deliver impact on a global scale by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to achieve sustainable success in a globally connected workplace.

    The Future Facing Learning strategy also encompasses all teaching staff across the university, by giving them the confidence to embrace new technologies in the delivery of their lessons. This project was focused on the efficient deployment and management of the right technology, bespoke training and coaching for students and staff, and on-going support post-deployment.