XMA can help to develop your classroom learning and teaching strategy, by understanding how teachers and pupils are currently using technology in their classroom to enhance learning and teaching. We work to understand your vision for Apple technology, and to identify and mitigate any potential risks from the very beginning.

From here, we then work closely with you to choose the best Apple device for your needs, and then present a device management strategy. We also select the best platform, applications, security and device management for your school. We can do this by breaking down the steps and working closely with you on all aspects of your device lifecycle.

End-to-end lifecycle services

1. Discovery and design

We will start by conducting assessments and workshops with you to create a solution designed for your needs. This will also include elements of project planning, and introducing the named Service Delivery Manager for escalations and reporting


2. Configuration

This stage of the cycle includes the imaging of your Apple device, personalising it to suit your schools requirements including custom system settings, integration and packaging, as well as labelling and asset tagging.

3. Deployment

We will support you throughout the deployment stage of your Apple technology. This includes data migration and installation, logistics and warehousing.

4. Optimise

This is when you can start getting the very most out of your Apple investment. You can speak with our Help Desk for any support you require, as well as engage with us on staff augmentation.

5. Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of your Apple devices are essential in order to hold that residual value. We offer on-site services to support you when you need, and you can also speak to us about accidental damage protection and our warranty services.

6. Dispose and Refresh

When you are ready to refresh and upgrade your Apple device, we will wipe your old device of all of its data, recycle your assets, and engage with you about your options for refreshing your Apple technology.

Why Apple in Education?

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