3 ways to empower cloud workers

We are currently in the age of the cloud worker, but what does that mean?

The way in which we work has evolved due to the developing transition of cloud technologies and the increasing number of organisations adopting these ways of working. The progression towards cloud technologies can be seen throughout many industries and all sizes of organisations who are keen to uncover and utilise what cloud can offer them.

Employees in their personal lives embrace a plethora of cloud technologies: from ordering food and transport to shopping, all within a touch of their screen. It could be suggested that this has heightened their expectations of the workplace where they now require efficient and effortless technologies to do their job.

The evolution of the workforce can’t be ignored, with 1 in 4 employees currently seen as a cloud worker. A cloud worker can be defined as a worker who uses cloud apps and either laptops or tablets daily spending a minimum of 3 hours a day within a browser (Forrester, 2018).

A recent survey on employees showed:
  • 65% believed their technology requirements for work are constantly changing.¹
  • 73% rely on their employee to continuously improve their approach to devices/apps that support their productivity.¹
  • 80% agreed they needed instant access to information from a variety of sources to succeed in their job.¹

There is an increase in workers operating on-the-go, using shared devices and working within large international teams. They are relying heavily on cloud-based apps and want to be able to do their job through any device and at any time of the day; structured 9-5 working is becoming a thing of the past. The working behaviours of employees are changing sufficiently enough that workplaces are adapting the working environment to ensure efficiency, retention and productivity are high.

A recent survey on ITDM enterprises showed:
  • 71% agreed technology developments had evolved organisations expectations of employees day to day work.¹
  • 73%consider employee experience as a top priority when making decisions about devices and business applications.¹
  • 73% believed that complementing employee tasks with tech like AI cloud ans mobility is crucial to my organisations future.¹

(Forrester, 2018)

The growing trend of  employees rating flexibility to work anywhere anytime as essential in carrying out their job effectively means they embrace technologies that help them do that. Working for an organisation who understands this and puts time and effort into the employee experience has never been so important. Introducing cloud technologies into the work place to enable these workers will have a positive impact on: attracting and retaining talent as well as productivity and efficiency whilst the right technology will also keep organisations safe and secure from cyber-criminal activity.


3 ways to empower your cloud workers:

1) Workplace efficiency

Cloud workers are on the go and busy throughout the day so need features that will help them do the job and assist with increasing  productivity. Chrome OS automatically secures data with a cloud-based back up system enabling them to work worry free, from any location. Updates run automatically in the background and do not disrupt users whilst working, introducing new features over time to maintain device performance. Employees can also stay on task whilst being offline and save and sync features help them to stay productive on any device.

2) Premium hardware

Cloud workers care about having the best quality hardware to do their job efficiently and effectively whilst using helpful features to empower them to get the job done. Just like this portable Chromebook device that provides secure cloud access and a seamless transition from online to offline work. The Chromebook provides full interactivity on a single device and accommodates users who need to share company materials on the go as well as those who need secure, reliable data access to collaborate with team members across different locations.

3) Enterprise applications

Cloud workers need to securely access a range of applications that enable them to perform tasks effortlessly. Chrome enterprise enables access to SaaS apps, directly from the dock with safe browsing technology to protect users. Google Play gives seamless access to leading apps including: Cisco, Jabber, WebEx and more whilst continuously protecting users. The G suite app is readily available in the dock at every login with no browser setup required


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¹ Forrester, 2018 ‘Rethink technology in the age of the cloud worker’


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