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Improving learning outcomes

It's our mission to support teachers and pupils in improving learning outcomes through the sustainable use of technology.
Every student should be able to achieve their full potential and we believe that IT has a significant part to play in enabling this. This is why we see XMA and the UK education community sharing a responsibility and opportunity to help all schools, colleges and universities to be outstanding in their use of technology. At XMA it is no longer about specific products, but what learning needs to be achieved both inside and outside of the classroom and where technology can support this.

We are experienced in, and accredited to supply, configure, integrate and support systems and devices across all main OS providers including Microsoft, Apple and Google. This means that we come with a learning led approach and will work with our customers to identify which technologies may be appropriate to each learning outcome, and integrate them into a single, easy to use learning solution. 

Transformation doesn’t happen in isolation...
We approach all education customer requirements with specialised and experienced staff to provide the strongest educational, commercial and technical engagement to understand the local challenges and opportunities, to support and develop the IT vision, strategies and plans.

It happens with collaboration

Our design and implementation teams work alongside our team of industry recognised Education Specialists together with our education clients to make the vision a reality. We see this as an ongoing partnership where we have a stakeholder share in the improvements that are made and provide continuing support through technical and pedagogical training in the live classroom environment. This ensures that teachers are not left with new technologies that may be unfamiliar to them.

Together with our clients and partners, we seek to understand each context, raise aspiration, apply the most advanced, but sustainable technologies and approaches to learning, enable innovation, build best practice and share success.
  • National Educational Print Agreement (NEPA)
  • National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA)
  • IT Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP)
  • National Working Party for Computing and Stationery Supplies (NWPCSS)
  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)
  • DfE ICT Services Framework
  • RM3703 Crown Office Solutions
  • Technology Products 2 RM3733

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