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Crown Commercial Services RM1050 - Department for Education ICT Services
XMA provide a range of solutions that include all element of School IT requirements including Infrastructure, Network Services, Audio Visual, User Devices, Peripherals Software & Learning Tools, Implementation, Training and Support.

Crown Commercial Services RM3804 – Technology Services 2
XMA are on all Lots for the provision of IT Services to the public sector:
Lot 1 - Technology Strategy & Services Design / Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation / Lot 3 - Operational Services Service Group (a) End User Services, (b) Operational Management Services. (c) Technical Management and (d) Application and Data Management / Lot 4a- Programmes and Large Projects – Official / Lot 4b - Programmes and Large Projects – Above Official.

Crown Commercial Services RM3703 - Office Supplies for Wider Public Sector
This Framework enables the wider public sector to purchase wide ranging office supplies in a ‘one-stop-shop’ format.

Crown Commercial Services RM3723 (COSC)
The COSC contract aims to transform and standardise the way in which Central Government purchases Print consumable goods and services, providing a centralised procurement route.

Crown Commercial Services RM3733 – Technology Products 2
XMA are present on the following Lots:
1 – Hardware, 2 - Software, 3 - Hardware and Software, 5 - OEM (Viglen) Hardware and 6 - Catalogue serving departments and organisations across the wider public sector.

Crown Commercial Services RM3781
XMA supply an extensive catalogued range of multi-function devices and print services ranging from entry level, to print room equipment, along with the required software options to support organisations with page output, document workflow and relevant business process requirements.

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)
XMA have been a supplier to the Further Education sector through CPC since 2000. Through currently operating on the Desktop, Portable Devices, Software and Network Infrastructures , XMA provide this sector with comprehensive service offerings.

Provision of Multi-functional Devices (MFD) and Associated Print Services and Supplies. Lot 5 Printers and Associated Services and Supplies and Lot 6 Monitors and Associated Peripherals and Services are available to Crescent Purchasing Consortium members and the wider Public Sector throughout the United Kingdom.

GCloud 9
The G-Cloud framework offers cloud services to Central and Local Government Customers through across various main Lots. XMA are approved to offer Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Specialist Consultancy Services within these Lots.

HealthTrust Europe
XMA supply Desktops, Laptops, Tablets PC's Servers, Storage Devices & Peripherals to the NHS and wider public sector.

HEPCW Apple Equipment and Services
XMA supply Apple hardware, peripherals and Professional Services to Higher Education institutions, staff and students.

IT Related Accessories and Parts Agreement (ITRAP)
XMA has been working with the Higher Education sector the UK since 2008 to provide IT components, storage devices, cables, displays, network items, PC security and ancillary items.

Link IT 2 (NOE CPC)
XMA operate on 8 Lots within the Link2 Framework providing the NHS with the following hardware and services - Lot 1 - Desktops, Lot 2 Laptops, Lot 3 Tablets, Lot 6 Green PCs , Lot 7 Printers, Lot 8 - Deployment Services, Lot 9 3rd party maintenance and Lot 10 - One-stop-shop

National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA)
XMA are present on all 3 Lots:
Lot 1 - Supplying Viglen and HP Desktops, Lot 2 – Supplying HP and Toshiba Notebooks and Lot 3 - One-stop-shop to customers within the Higher Education sector supplying either Viglen Desktops and Toshiba Notebooks or HP Desktops and Notebooks.

National Education Print Agreement (NEPA)
XMA offer printing products and solutions to all consortia members, we can provide a complete total-cost-of-ownership overview to ensure that you have full visibility of your investment.

North East Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC)
XMA provide Networking Hardware, Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Project Work and Consultancy to the Higher Education sector.

North West Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC)
Office supplies, on Lot 2 Printer Consumables of this framework, purchased by the Higher Education sector across the North West of England and to Crescent Purchasing Consortium members throughout the United Kingdom.

National Procurement Service IT Products and Services (NPS)
XMA are on 3 Lots within this Framework to supply Welsh Public Sector organisations with Hardware solutions.

Scottish Government National Framework Agreements
XMA operate as sole supplier to 3 Scottish National Frameworks allowing us to supply Tablets, Workstations, Cloud Devices and Mac products to Scottish Government Frameworks Public Sector customers.

Servers, Storage, Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA)
XMA operate on Lots 1, 3b and 4 within this Framework:
Lots 1 and 3b - XMA deliver OEM Viglen Server and HPC Hardware, Lot 4 - provide Reseller solutions for over 20 leading OEMs. As XMA are ranked first on Lot 3b and Lot 4 customers can direct award to XMA on these Lots.

Software License Resellers Agreement (SLRA)
XMA operate on 4 Lots within the SLRA Framework which covers Lot 1 Microsoft, Lot 3 VMware, Lot 4 Other Software and Lot 5 Software Services to the Higher Education sector.

OFF5021 LU - Office, Computer and Library Supplies
XMA provide Printer Consumables and IT Peripherals, on Lot 2 of this framework, to Higher Education throughout the United Kingdom.

YPO 000738 - Supply of Electronic Office Supplies
XMA offer Printer Consumables and Storage Media to UK Public Sector organisations.

XMA are present on Lot 1 Managed Print Solutions and Lot 2 Printer Consumables of this framework. XMA supply Multi-Functional Devices (MFD) and Associated Goods and Services to all Wales Public Sector Organisations.

NPS Wales
Hosted by the Welsh Government and staffed by 40 procurement professionals, over 73 organisations in Wales have signed up to be part.
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