XMA supports local charity Harmless during COVID-19 Pandemic

Harmless are a not-for-profit organisation who provide self harm and suicide prevention support services, as well as delivering The Tomorrow Project – A confidential suicide prevention project that has been set up to support individuals and communities to prevent suicide.

Much like many organisations, they have been faced with operational challenges as a result of COVID-19 and the UK government lockdown. With a focus on mental health being more important than ever, it is vital that they have access to the tools they need to continue delivering support services remotely.

XMA are happy to have partnered with Harmless to provide resources needed for their staff to continue supporting individuals, families and friends exposed to the risk of self-harm and suicide at this time.  By providing technology that enables them to deliver their service remotely, Harmless have continued to help hundreds of people in crisis every week. This new way of working will also enable them to continue offering remote support beyond the pandemic, with an even wider reach.

XMA’s Managing Director Lee Hemani, had this to say of the partnership:

“XMA are a family-run business with a head office in Nottingham and are passionate about how technology can connect people and transform lives. We are committed to supporting local grass-roots charities and community projects in achieving their goals, so when we became aware of Harmless / The Tomorrow Project’s plea for technology, to continue their critical, face to face services remotely in these unprecedented times, we wanted to help.

We know that maintaining mental health in the modern world is a very real challenge for many people and that self harm and suicide touch people from all walks of life. We share the vision of the Tomorrow Project; that no one should have to feel so alone that they feel they have nowhere to turn for support, and recognise that the communities within Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire; where so many of our employees live, are very fortunate to have these services available to them; particularly at a time when many other mental health services are closing their doors.”

To find out more about Harmless and the amazing work they do, visit www.harmless.org.uk.