XMA emerge as a positive channel to successful work placement

Most students look forward to the end of their GCSEs as it means they have more free time to spend with their friends but for Kit Swerdlow (16), a student at Nottingham free school Channeling Positivity, it’s a different story.

Kit currently spends a day a week at XMA, with the rest of his time spent at Channeling Positivity. Channeling Positivity is an alternative provision free school aimed at ages 13-16 needing another option other than mainstream schooling, where Kit has been studying for his GCSEs in English, Maths and i-Media.

Kit attended an Open Day at XMA last September and really enjoyed it. He was very keen to secure work experience at the company and was delighted when he was offered it. Once he has finished his exams, the time he spends at XMA will increase to two days a week and he can’t wait.

So far he has spent most of his time in the marketing department where he has been involved in creating and delivering email marketing campaigns and general marketing duties. In addition, he has also drafted the copy for a welcome pack for new staff when they join the company.

He is now spending time in the company’s commercial department and there are plans for him to go into the sales and customer service departments too.