Windows 10 & Beyond: Driving adoption and change

Driving adoption and change

What happens once you have migrated your business over to Windows 10 and how does the business start utilising all of the tools that are now available to them?

At XMA, we excel at helping organisations rise above the important, routine tasks involved with running a business. We offer a wide range of services that include helping your business drive Cloud adoption. Through our experience as a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, we can help you to enable the right solutions, tailor it to fit your unique needs, and drive adoption among employees, all while staying within your budget.

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Your first steps towards cloud adoption

Azure Active Directory

Has your business moved your Active Directory into Azure? Active Directory in Azure is the first step in order to enable additional solutions. You can connect your users with apps for a frictionless experience across cloud, mobile and on-premises apps. Single sign-on for multiple applications makes it easier and faster to onboard new employees, terminate access for leavers, and implement access to new cloud services, so users are up and running more quickly.

Microsoft Office 365

Have you moved your emails into Office 365? With Office 365, your employees can work anywhere, anytime and on any device. You will need to consider how you are backing up and securing your data within Office 365, and make sure you are fully utilising what is available within the suite of tools. Office 365 allows your IT resource to access the easy-to-use admin center from anywhere to manage all services. Office 365 takes care of IT for you, so your services are always up and running and up to date.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft have also announced that Skype for Business will come to end of life on July 31st 2021. This means your organisation will need to make the journey to Microsoft Teams. If you are operating on Windows 10 – then you are already half way there! We can help you realise the full benefits of Microsoft Teams, and how it can increase collaboration, lead conversations and integrate with Office 365.

Intune & Enterprise Mobility Suite

The deployment and ongoing management of your estate is essential for effective outcomes. Employees always want consistent access to their company’s resources from any given device. This is a challenge for IT professionals, who want to provide maximum mobility, all the while, protecting the corporate resources. Microsoft Intune is responsible for dealing with the mobile devices of the employees and provides functionalities such as remote wiping of data and mobile application management. Additionally, EMS reduces the burden on IT teams, enhance your data protection, and simplified identity management.

Sharepoint Online

SharePoint online is a collaboration software that enables mobility, and is a centralised document repository that compliments Microsoft Teams and One Drive – all tools that are now available to your business now that you are operating on a Windows 10 environment. You can drive automation through SharePoint online, and give employees places where they can organise and collaborate on content, data, and news to stay on the same page.

Analytics & Automation

PowerApps and Flow are part of the Microsoft Power Platform along with Power BI, and are being promoted by Microsoft as the new tools for the citizen developer. Microsoft Flow is based on workflows and triggers, and there are many different types of triggers that can be used. A Flow can be kicked off when a new entity is created or an existing entity is changed. PowerApps uses the connectors, provided data can easily be pulled from one or several data sources and combined to display what you really need to see with full create, read, write and update functionality, or restricted as you see fit.

We are leading the way in ‘The Modern Workplace’

XMA have started rolling out Microsoft devices across our own business; the hardware and software are built in unity, making them easy to deploy and simpler to manage. Our employees have agreed that their Microsoft device has allowed them to ‘increase productivity even on the most common tasks’… ‘more flexible working which has allowed us to embrace an “always online” approach’… and last but not least, they are proud to be seen with it!

How we can help you embrace the modern workplace

Whether you are at the beginning or the end of your Windows 10 journey, XMA are best placed to help you develop and drive your future road map and strategy.

We can provide end-user training to improve worker productivity, empower your organisation to automate your “starter, leaver, mover” process, and implement your Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Our services for training and consultancy

XMA has an in-house team who deliver end user training to improve worker productivity. We understand the importance of enabling your workforce to get the very most out of the tools that are now available to them.

This training can span across multiple departments, including working closely with your own IT resource on how to deploy all of the new software programs across the business. We act as an extension of your IT department, and offer continuous support throughout your journey to a modern workplace.